Addressing disability not as a form of student impairment—as it is typically perceived at the postsecondary level—but rather as an important dimension of student diversity and identity, this book explores how disability can be more effectively incorporated into college environments. Chapters propose new perspectives, empirical research, and case studies to provide the necessary foundation for understanding the role of disability within campus climate and integrating students with disabilities into academic and social settings. Contextualizing disability through the lens of intersectionality, Disability as Diversity in Higher Education illustrates how higher education institutions can use policies and practices to enhance inclusion and student success.

part I|18 pages

Theoretical Lenses and Application

chapter 1|16 pages

Supporting students with non-disclosed disabilities

A Collective and Humanizing Approach
ByChristina Yuknis, Eric R. Bernstein

chapter 2|12 pages

A different diversity?

Challenging the Exclusion of Disability Studies from Higher Education Research and Practice
ByLauren Shallish

chapter 3|14 pages

Queering disability in higher education

Views from the Intersections
ByRyan A. Miller, Richmond D. Wynn, Kristine W. Webb

part II|16 pages

College Experiences of Students with Disabilities

chapter 4|14 pages

“Does disability matter?”

Students' Satisfaction with College Experiences
ByKatherine C. Aquino, Taghreed A. Alhaddab, Eunyoung Kim

chapter 5|14 pages

Engaging disability

Trajectories of Involvement for College Students with Disabilities
ByEzekiel Kimball, Rachel E. Friedensen, Elton Silva

chapter 6|14 pages

College students with learning disabilities

An At-Risk Population Absent from the Conversation of Diversity
ByWanda Hadley, D. Eric Archer

chapter 7|16 pages

Using a Spatial Lens to Examine Disability as Diversity on College Campuses

ByHolly Pearson, Michelle Samura

part III|17 pages

Perspectives of Faculty and Higher Education Administration

chapter 8|15 pages

Faculty and Administrator Knowledge And Attitudes Regarding Disability

ByAllison R. Lombardi, Adam R. Lalor

chapter 9|16 pages

Working it backward

Student Success through Faculty Professional Development
ByCali Anicha, Chris M. Ray, Canan Bilen-Green

chapter 10|15 pages

“It's a very deep, layered topic”

Student Affairs Professionals on the Marginality and Intersectionality of Disability
ByAnnemarie Vaccaro, Ezekiel Kimball

chapter 11|16 pages

Tools for moving the institutional iceberg

Policies and Practices for Students with Disabilities
ByJacalyn Griffen, Tenisha Tevis

part IV|16 pages

Institutional Programs and Initiatives

chapter 12|15 pages

Disability, Diversity, and Higher Education

A Critical Study of California State University's Websites
BySusan L. Gabel, Denise P. Reid, Holly Pearson

chapter 13|15 pages

Encountering institutional barriers and resistance

Disability Discomfort on One Campus
ByHeather Albanesi, Emily A. Nusbaum

chapter 14|16 pages

Access ryerson

Promoting Disability as Diversity
ByDenise O'Neil Green, Heather Willis, Matthew D. Green, Sarah Beckman

chapter 15|14 pages

Thinking and Practicing Differently

Changing the Narrative around Disability on College Campuses
BySue Kroeger, Amanda Kraus

chapter |8 pages

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