Migration and its associated social practices and consequences have been studied within a multitude of academic disciplines and in the context of policies at local, national and regional level.

This edited collection provides an introduction and critical review of conceptual developments and policy contexts of migration scholarship within an Australian and global context, through:

  • political economy analyses of migration and associated transformations;
  • sociological analyses of ‘settling in’ processes;
  • multi-disciplinary analyses of migrant work;
  • a historical review of scholarship on refugees;
  • a Southern theory approach to cultural diversity;
  • sociological reflections on post-nationalism;
  • Cultural Studies analyses of public culture and ‘second generation’ youth cultures;
  • interdisciplinary and Critical Race analyses of ‘race’ and racism;
  • feminist intersectional analyses of migration, belonging and representation;
  • the theorising of cosmopolitanism;
  • a transdisciplinary analysis of gender, transnational families and care; and
  • a comparative, transcontextual analysis of hybridity.

An essential contribution to the current mapping of migration studies, with a focus on Australian scholarship in its international context, this collection will be of interest to undergraduates and postgraduates interested in fields such as Sociology, Cultural Studies, Geography and Politics.

chapter |10 pages


part |57 pages

Theories and methodologies in migration research

chapter |19 pages

Understanding global migration and diversity

A case study of South Korea

chapter |15 pages

Multiculturalism and feminism

Women and the burden of representation

chapter |21 pages

New Australian ways of knowing ‘multiculturalism’ in a period of rapid social change

When Ibn Khaldun engages Southern Theory

part |54 pages

Migration, settlement and the state

part |51 pages

Race, racism and post-nationalism

chapter |18 pages

(Not) doing race

‘Casual racism’, ‘bystander antiracism’ and ‘ordinariness’ in Australian racism studies

chapter |16 pages

“It’s the end of the world as we know it . . . and I feel fine”

Considering a postnational world

part |43 pages

Cosmopolitanism and transnationalism

part |51 pages

Multiculturalism and constructions of cultural identity

chapter |16 pages

The ‘career’ of the migrant

Time, space and the settling process