The civic and moral responsibilities of public relations are hotly contested topics. While many researchers call for focusing on ethics in public relations, they concentrate on ethics in relation to how people do their jobs. In actuality, emphasis should move beyond professional codes of ethics to include general morality and citizenship. Currently, as the profession receives greater scrutiny, it is important to be aware of the value of public relations in the community. This book centers on four areas of public relations’ conscience in order to examine its role in morality and citizenship: civic professionalism, corporate social responsibility, ethics, and public communication. This approach will help to answer the question of what is public relations’ responsibility to the public good.

chapter |11 pages


ByBrigitta R. Brunner

part Part I|62 pages

Moral and Civic Responsibility and Strategy

chapter 2|15 pages

Penn State's After-Sanction Response Strategy

ByChang Wan Woo, Michael Gulotta, April Gulotta

chapter 3|19 pages

Communicating Social Responsibility Efforts

A Success Strategy for Nonprofits or a Shift from Stakeholders' Priorities?
ByRichard D. Waters, Holly K. Ott

part Part II|97 pages

Moral and Civic Responsibility in Theory and Practice

chapter 6|19 pages

Hope for the Future

Millennial PR Agency Practitioners' Discussion of Ethical Issues
ByTiffany Derville Gallicano, Kelli Matthews

chapter 7|15 pages

Public Relations and Development

Ethical Perspectives on Communication for Societal Effectiveness
ByAmanda Kennedy, Sifan Xu, Erich J. Sommerfeldt

chapter 8|12 pages

The Impact of Organizations' Ethical Approaches in Times of Crisis

BySora Kim, Jooyun Hwang, Xiaochen (Angela) Zhang

chapter 9|12 pages

In the Bind Between Theory and Practice

Public Relations and Ethics of Neoliberal Global Capitalism
ByMarina Vujnovic, Dean Kruckeberg

chapter 10|14 pages

Public Relations Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Private Sector

The Case for Corporate Community Resilience Support for Disaster Preparedness
ByNatalie T. J. Tindall, Jan Uhrick, Jennifer Vardeman-Winter

chapter 11|9 pages

Public Interest Communication and Polarized Issues

More Than a Case of the Measles
ByGiselle A. Auger

part Part III|49 pages

Moral and Civic Responsibility in the Digital Age

chapter 12|10 pages

Building an Ethic of Responsibility

Dialogue and Communitarianism as Public Relations Archetypes
ByMichael L. Kent, Maureen Taylor

chapter 13|9 pages

Interplay in the Digital Media Environment

Putting Focus on the Blurring Line Between Advertising and Public Relations in South Korea
BySamsup Jo

chapter 15|16 pages

From the Natural World to Artificial Intelligence

Public Relations as Covenantal Stewardship
ByDonn J. Tilson