Foundations of Mobile Media Studies gathers some of the most important texts in this emerging field, offering readers key approaches to understanding our moment and our media. The impact of mobile media is far reaching and this book discusses topics such as human intimacy, social space, political uprisings, labor, mobile phones in the developing world, gender, the mobile device’s impact on reading, mobile television, and mobile photography, among others. This carefully curated collection will serve as the central text to introduce this field to anyone eager to understand the rise of mobile technology, its impact on our relationships, and how these media have transformed the ways we understand the world around us.

chapter 4|20 pages

Mobilizing Place

Conceptual Currents and Controversies

chapter 6|15 pages

Walking Phone Workers

chapter 7|11 pages

Mobile Media On Low-Cost Handsets

The Resiliency of Text Messaging Among Small Enterprises in India (and Beyond)

chapter 8|11 pages

Domesticating Cartographies

Gendered mobile media in the region

chapter 9|13 pages

These Foolish Things

On Intimacy and Insignificance in Mobile Media

chapter 10|12 pages

Does Mobile Matter?

The Case of One-Off Reading

chapter 11|18 pages

‘To Each Their Own Bubble'

Mobile spaces of sound in the city

chapter 12|23 pages

Locational Privacy

Mobile spaces of sound in the city

chapter 13|30 pages

When Urban Public Places Become “Hybrid Ecologies”

Proximity-based Game Encounters in Dragon Quest 9 in France and Japan

chapter 14|29 pages

24: Conspiracy and the Mobile Phone

Immersion and Immediacy

chapter 15|18 pages

Between Image and Information

The iPhone Camera in the History of Photography