Urban Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services weaves together different strands of mental health work undertaken in one inner-city Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service by professionals working in a range of ways. In particular, it provides examples of how an urban CAMH service has been responsive to, and influenced by, local circumstances, resources and knowledge. The book explores the relationship between professionals and the community context, which provides the background to the lives of individual service users and the families they serve, and how this relationship is integral to the development of a responsive service.

The chapters cover a range of settings and approaches, addressing the social, cultural, political and community contexts impacting on children, young people and families. In this way Urban Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services explores challenges and issues emerging in a responsive approach to child and family work in all community settings whether they be urban, suburban or rural.

Urban Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services is intended for mental health and social care professionals involved in therapeutic, social and pastoral work with children, young people, families and communities. The book will be of interest to policy-makers, mental health and social care professionals, health visitors, general practitioners, nurses and midwives , as well as to trainees in these professions including trainee clinical psychologists, social workers or psychoanalytic and systemic psychotherapists. It will also appeal to those interested in responsive communities and critical approaches to therapeutic interventions in mental health work, psychology, psychotherapy and counselling.

chapter 1|10 pages


part I|40 pages

Providing services, thinking communities

chapter 2|18 pages

An urban community

Where, whom and what does it mean?

chapter 3|20 pages

Creative resistance and collaborative relationships

Working with inner-city young people and families

part II|46 pages

Prevention and accessibility in children's centres and general practice

chapter 5|15 pages

‘Border crossings’

Reflections on undertaking brief psychoanalytic therapeutic work in community and primary care settings

chapter 6|16 pages

A radical synthesis

Child psychotherapy in the community and community in child psychotherapy 1

part III|46 pages

Prevention and accessibility in schools

chapter 7|15 pages

Child and adolescent mental health services in secondary schools

How systemic theory links to practice

chapter 8|14 pages

Young men in the eye of the storm

Group intervention with young men in schools

part IV|14 pages

Challenging our assumptions

chapter 10|12 pages

A systemic approach to community in family

Working with family mental health

chapter 11|14 pages

Developmental hope

Rethinking professional roles and values

chapter 12|17 pages

Making meaning around Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

From contentious debate to ethical dialogue

chapter 13|16 pages

Working together

Unearthing community connections in parental mental health