Social Marketing involves the application of marketing techniques (usually associated with promoting consumption) to social ends. This new addition will arm the socially conscious marketing student with:

  • Case studies from across the globe,
  • accessible exercises,
  • engaging stories
  • and online support with an expanded and enhanced companion website

which will all enable you to think critically about the individual and systemic drivers of both harm and progress, and provide you with the tools to act.

This popular introductory textbook has been thoroughly updated to enable students to challenge the bad, champion the good and become rebels with a cause. Now including more on systems thinking, evaluation and apps, Hastings and Domegan also introduce the influential new 3Cs model (Containment, Counter-Marketing, Critical Capacity Building).

This book is essential reading for all social marketing, marketing ethics, and marketing and society courses.


Cover Picture: 'La Sardane de la Paix’ by Pablo Picasso. The sardane is a traditional circle dance from Catalonia which has come to symbolise the struggle of ordinary people against oppression, from Napoleon through Hitler and Franco and into the modern era. The individual dancer holds his or her hands in the air in a gesture of autonomy and empowerment, and is able to maintain what would quickly become a tiring stance thanks to the supporting hands of her fellow-dancers. It illustrates the key social marketing lesson that addressing complex social problems, such as climate change or inequalities – as with dictators - requires a combination of individual agency and collective action. It also shows that critical analysis, the questioning and challenging of the current system, lies at the heart of progressive social change, and that good social marketers should be rebels with a cause.

chapter 1|25 pages

Harnessing the power of marketing

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 2|26 pages

Social marketing principles

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 3|31 pages

The shoulders of giants

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 4|36 pages

Making it happen – the toolbox

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 5|33 pages

Research and the teller of tales

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 6|35 pages

Compelling content

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 7|27 pages

Competitive analysis

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 8|36 pages

Critical marketing 1

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 9|26 pages

Spiritual dimensions

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 10|15 pages

Ethical issues

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter 11|19 pages

Systems social marketing

ByGerard Hastings, Christine Domegan

chapter Case Study 1|19 pages

A wicked problem and the SIMPle solution

BySinead Duane, Christine Domegan, Aoife Callan, Sandra Galvin, Martin Cormican, Kathleen Bennett, Andrew W. Murphy, Akke Vellinga

chapter Case Study 2|10 pages

Seas of energy

Using a systems research approach for a wicked problem
ByPatricia McHugh, Christine Domegan, Marzia Mazzonetto, Sinead Duane, John Joyce, Michelle Devaney, Michael Hogan, Benjamin J. Broome, Joanna Piwowarczyk

chapter Case Study 3|7 pages

Meals on Wheels

A community-led approach and stakeholder analysis
ByChristine Fitzgerald, Christine Domegan, Tom Scharf

chapter Case Study 4|11 pages

Reduce Your Juice

A digital social marketing programme for reducing residential electricity use
ByRebekah Russell-Bennett, Rory Mulcahy, Ryan McAndrew, Tim Swinton, Jo-Anne Little, Neil Horrocks

chapter Case Study 5|24 pages

Innovative youth engagement

Empowerment, co-production and health optimisation(tobacco-free generation 2034: the Fife Project)
ByMarisa de Andrade, Karen Cooper, Kay Samson

chapter Case Study 6|9 pages

The Porto Tap Water programme

ByAna Sofia Dias, Sara Balonas

chapter Case Study 7|16 pages

Development of strategies to promote solid waste management in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon

ByAmena El Harakeh, Farah Madi, Marco Bardus

chapter Case Study 8|14 pages

“I know what I’m doing”

Communicating a safety message to change the attitudes and behaviours of older men
ByLinda Brennan, Glen Donnar, Lukas Parker, Natalia Alessi

chapter Case Study 9|12 pages

Walk to School 2014

ByKrzysztof Kubacki, Kellye Hartman, Annemarie Wright, Haruka Fujihira, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

chapter Case Study 10|12 pages

Cycle Against Suicide

The creation of a community-based social marketing programme to promote mental health in Ireland
ByAmy Cannon, Olivia Freeman, Patrick Kenny

chapter Case Study 11|9 pages

Moi(s) sans tabac

The first collective challenge for smoking cessation launched by Santé Publique France
ByKarine Gallopel-Morvan, Olivier Smadja, Anna Mercier, Elodie Safta, Jennifer Davies, Romain Guignard, Pierre Arwidson, Viêt Nguyen Thanh

chapter Case Study 12|9 pages

Food waste in higher education institutions

‘Smaller Eyes than Belly Movement’
BySara Balonas, Susana Marques

chapter Case Study 13|6 pages

Civil society monitoring of tobacco industry point-of-sale marketing in Colombia

ByJuan Miguel Rey-Pino, Liliana Andrea Ávila-García, Jaime Arcila Sierra, Marian Lorena Ibarra Ávila

chapter Case Study 14|10 pages

Reducing the negative environmental impact of SMEs in Pakistan’s leather and tanning industry

ByAnne M. Smith, Aqueel Imtiaz Wahga

chapter Case Study 15|4 pages

Changing population salt intake behaviour

Lessons from the UK salt reduction strategy
ByMichael Barry, Maurice Murphy

chapter Case Study 16|10 pages

The Act-Belong-Commit mental health promotion campaign

ByRob J. Donovan, Julia Anwar McHenry

chapter Case Study 17|10 pages

From concept to action

Integration of systems thinking and social marketing for health disparities elimination
ByBrian J. Biroscak, Carol A. Bryant, Claudia X. Aguado Loi, Dinorah Martinez Tyson, Tali Schneider, Laura Baum, Aldenise Ewing, Peter S. Hovmand

chapter Case Study 18|7 pages

Fast fashion

A wicked problem for macro-social marketing
ByAnn-Marie Kennedy, Sommer Kapitan, Neha Bajaj, Angelina Bakonyi, Sean Sands

chapter Case Study 19|16 pages

Whale sharks, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

BySarah Duffy, Roger A. Layton

chapter Case Study 20|9 pages

Wheels, Skills and Thrills

ByAlan Tapp

chapter Case Study 21|8 pages

An evaluation of Sea for Society using system indicators

ByPatricia McHugh, Christine Domegan

chapter Case Study 22|13 pages

The Taj Must Smile

BySanjeev Vyas

chapter Case Study 23|12 pages

Identification of behavioural change strategies to prevent cervical cancer among Malay women in Malaysia

ByJulinawati Suanda, Desmond Cawley, Maria Brenner, Christine Domegan, Neil Rowan

chapter Case Study 24|13 pages

Making India open-defecation-free

Lessons from the Swachh Bharat Mission – Gramin process evaluation
ByAnurudra Bhanot, Vinti Agarwal, Ashutosh Awasthi, Animesh Sharma