In the past decade, Bangladesh has achieved significant social and economic progress. Despite high population density, a limited natural-resource base, underdeveloped infrastructure, frequent natural disasters and political uncertainty, the country has recorded positive developments in terms of broad economic and social indicators. This Handbook presents a comprehensive and interdisciplinary resource on the politics, society and economy of Bangladesh today. Divided into six thematic sections, the Handbook focuses on relevant issues and trends on:

  • History and the making of contemporary Bangladesh
  • Politics and institutions
  • Economy and development
  • Energy and environment
  • State, society and rights
  • Security and external relations

Written by a team of international experts in the field, the chapters provide an accessible and up-to-date insight into contemporary Bangladesh. The Handbook will be of interest to students and academics of South Asian studies, as well as policymakers, journalists and others who wish to learn more about this increasingly important country.

chapter |14 pages


part I|47 pages

History and the making of contemporary Bangladesh

part II|66 pages

Politics and institutions

part III|113 pages

Economy and development

chapter 11|15 pages

Agriculture and Food Security

chapter 12|14 pages


chapter 13|14 pages


chapter 14|10 pages

Foreign Trade

chapter 16|13 pages


chapter 18|10 pages


part IV|37 pages

Energy and environment

chapter 19|14 pages

Power and Energy

Potentials, crisis, and planning

chapter 20|12 pages

Climate Change

chapter 21|9 pages


part V|86 pages

State, society and rights

chapter 22|10 pages

Human Rights and the Law

chapter 23|13 pages

The State of Gender

chapter 24|10 pages

The CHT and the Peace Process

chapter 25|9 pages

Religious Minorities

chapter 26|15 pages

Print and Electronic Media

chapter 27|12 pages

The Education System

chapter 28|15 pages

Public Health

part VI|71 pages

Security and external relations

chapter 29|9 pages

Foreign Policy

chapter 31|13 pages

Bangladesh and the Great Powers

chapter 33|11 pages

UN Peacekeeping Mission

chapter chapter34|13 pages

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Bangladesh