The unprecedented expansion of higher education in India and the proliferation of providers in turn have posed enormous challenges to equity, quality and financing of the sector. The India Higher Education Report 2015 traces the evolution of higher education and discusses the key role of committees and commissions whose reports and recommendations form the backdrop of contemporary developments. Authoritative and comprehensive, the volume examines a range of themes including equity, financing, employment, quality, and governance. It also engages with new and recent data as well as current issues and debates.

The volume will be an important resource for academics, policy makers, civil society organisations, media and those concerned with higher education. It will also be useful to scholars and researchers of public policy, sociology and economics.

chapter 1|12 pages

Iher 2015

An introduction

part I|50 pages

The higher education context

chapter 2|26 pages

Higher education policy in India

Emerging issues and approaches

chapter 3|22 pages

Commissions and committees on higher education in India

Perspectives and recommendations on major issues

part II|71 pages

Equity in higher education

part III|61 pages

Quality in higher education

chapter 7|26 pages

Quality assurance in Indian higher education

Role of NAAC and future directions

part IV|52 pages

Diversification of the system

chapter 10|21 pages

Distance education and technology-based education

An ICT framework

part V|56 pages

Employment of higher education graduates

part VI|47 pages

Financing of higher education

chapter 14|19 pages

New modes of financing higher education

Cost recovery, private financing and student loans

part VII|22 pages

Private higher education

part VIII|53 pages

Governance and management

chapter 16|22 pages

Regulation of higher education

Why and whitherto

chapter 17|13 pages

State councils of higher education

Expectations and experiences

part IX|29 pages


chapter 19|27 pages

Internationalisation of higher education

Students and institutional mobility