The two major concerns in the energy policy debate relate to economic efficiency and whether the price should indicate to each consumer the true cost to the economy of using more energy, and the second is that of economic equity where it is argued that energy is a basic necessity for survival and the government has the responsibility to provide assistance for lower-income families. Originally published in 1982, this volume focuses on the uneven impact of rising energy costs on different income groups, regions, and household locations. This collection of papers helps to fill the knowledge gaps about the amount and distribution of household energy expenditure. The volume is organised with a paper introducing each topic followed by one or two discussants’ remarks further examining the issues at hand. It is a valuable title for students interested in environmental studies and national policy.

chapter |61 pages

Energy Assistance Schemes: Review, Evaluation, and Recommendations

ByAlan L. Cohen, Kevin Hollenbeck

chapter |5 pages

Measuring the Need for Low-Income Energy Assistance

ByRandall D. Weiss

chapter |20 pages

Burden Allocation and Electric Utility Rate Structures: Issues and Options in the TVA Region

ByRobert F. Hemphill, Ronald L. Owens

chapter |50 pages

The Political Economy of U.S. Energy and Equity Policy

ByWilliam Darity, Ronald Johnson, Edward Thompson

chapter |26 pages

Energy Prices and Real Income Distribution: The Urban Sector

ByKenneth A. Small

chapter |22 pages

The Impacts of Rising Energy Prices in Rural Areas

ByPaul W. Barkley

chapter |42 pages

The Equity Issue in Europe and Japan

ByEberhard Meller

chapter |5 pages

Comments on “The Equity Issues in Europe and Japan”

ByEdward R. Fried

chapter |3 pages

Discussion of “The Equity Issue in Europe and Japan”

ByAnne P. Carter

chapter |9 pages

Energy and Poverty

ByThomas C. Schelling

chapter |5 pages

Perspectives on Coping with Massive Price Shifts Comments

ByHerbert Stein

chapter |7 pages

Informal Remarks on “High Energy Costs: Assessing the Burden”

ByGar Alperovitz