Brings together scholars who use literary interpretation and discourse analysis to read 18th-century British philosophy in its historical context. This work analyses how the philosophers of the Enlightenment viewed their writing; and, how their institutional positions as teachers and writers influenced their understanding of human consciousness.

chapter |10 pages


ByChristina Lupton, Alexander Dick

chapter |20 pages

Locke's Desire

ByJonathan Brody Kramnick

chapter |17 pages

Reid, Writing and the Mechanics of Common Sense

ByAlexander Dick

chapter |22 pages

Preposterous Hume

ByMark Blackwell

chapter |16 pages

The Epistemology of Genre

ByJonathan Sadow

chapter |16 pages

The Primitive in Adam Smith's History

ByMaureen Harkin

chapter |14 pages

Music vs Conscience in Wordsworth's Poetry

ByAdam Potkay