Offers a variety of approaches to incorporating discussions of book history or print culture into graduate and undergraduate classrooms. This work considers the book as a literary, historical, cultural, and aesthetic object. These essays are of interest to university teachers incorporating textual studies and research methods into their courses.

chapter |14 pages

Introduction: Towards a Pedagogy of Bibliography

ByAnn R. Hawkins

chapter |7 pages

Historical Bibliography for Rare-Book Librarians

ByMirjam M. Foot

chapter |6 pages

Bookends: Towards a Poetics of Material Form

BySydney J. Shep

chapter |7 pages

Jane Eyre on eBay: Building a Teaching Collection

ByJohn A. Buchtel

chapter |8 pages

The Bibliography and Research Course

ByJohn T. Shawcross

chapter |8 pages

The Hidden Lives of Books

ByD. W. Krummel

chapter |7 pages

Papermaking, History and Practice

ByTimothy Barrett

chapter |6 pages

How Things Work: Teaching the Technologies of Literature

ByMatthew G. Kirschenbaum

chapter |7 pages


ByDaniel Traister