Based on close readings of both public and private documents – court records, churchwarden accounts, depositions, diaries, letters and pamphlets – this collection of essays presents the largely untold story of non-elite women and their dealings with the law.

chapter |16 pages

Introduction 1

ByBronach Kane, Fiona Williamson

chapter 1|14 pages

Your Oratrice: Women's Petitions to the Late Medieval Court of Chancery

ByCordelia Beattie

chapter 3|20 pages

Women, Memory and Agency in the Medieval English Church Courts

ByBronach Kane

chapter 6|12 pages

Women and the Hue and Cry in Late Fourteenth-Century Great Yarmouth

ByJanka Rodziewicz

chapter 7|14 pages

Gender and the Control of Sacred Space in Early Modern England 1

ByAmanda Flather

chapter 8|12 pages

The Travails of Agnes Beaumont

ByBernard Capp