The 14 essays in this volume look at both the theory and practice of monarchical governments from the Thirty Years War up until the time of the French Revolution. Contributors aim to unravel the constructs of ‘absolutism’ and ‘monarchism’, examining how the power and authority of monarchs was defined through contemporary politics and philosophy.

chapter |17 pages

Introduction: Monarchism and Absolutism in Early Modern Europe

ByCesare Cuttica, Glenn Burgess

chapter |14 pages

Patriarchalism and the Monarchical Republicans

ByGaby Mahlberg

chapter |14 pages

Cynic Kingship in the German Enlightenment

ByJohn Christian Laursen

chapter |14 pages

Early Modern Absolutism in Practice and Theory

ByJohann P. Sommerville

chapter |13 pages

Bayle on Brutus: A Paradoxical Issue? 1

ByLuisa Simonutti