This comprehensive and important volume includes contributions by activists, journalists, lawyers and scholars from twenty-one countries. The essays map the directions the movement for women's rights is taking--and will take in the coming decades--and the concomittant transformation of prevailing notions of rights and issues. They address topics such as the rapes in former Yugoslavia and efforts to see that a War Crimes Tribunal responds; domestic violence; trafficking of women into the sex trade; the persecution of lesbians; female genital mutilation; and reproductive rights.

chapter |8 pages


ByJulie Peters, Andrea Wolper

part |40 pages


chapter 1|7 pages

Transforming Human Rights from a Feminist Perspective

ByCharlotte Bunch

chapter 2|18 pages

Women’s Human Rights: The Emergence of a Movement

ByElisabeth Friedman

chapter 3|13 pages

Women’s Rights and the United Nations

ByElissavet Stamatopoulou

part |52 pages

Regional Reports

chapter 4|6 pages

Violence Against Women: The Indian Perspective

ByIndira Jaising

chapter 7|5 pages

Women in South Africa and the Constitution-Making Process

ByBrigitte Mabandla

chapter 8|6 pages

After the Revolution: Violations of Women’s Human Rights in Iran

ByAkram Mirhosseini

chapter 11|7 pages

Women in Israel: Fighting Tradition

ByCarmel Shalev

part |64 pages

Gendered Law, “Public” and “Private”

chapter 13|11 pages

Human Rights as Men’s Rights

ByHilary Charlesworth

chapter 15|9 pages

The Public/Private Distinction in International Human Rights Law

ByDonna Sullivan

chapter 16|14 pages

State Discriminatory Family Law and Customary Abuses

ByJulie Mertus

part |81 pages

Violence and Health

chapter 21|18 pages

Gendered War Crimes: Reconceptualizing Rape in Time of War

ByRhonda Copelon

chapter 23|14 pages

Female Genital Mutilation

ByNahid Toubia

chapter 25|20 pages

International Human Rights and Women’s Reproductive Health

ByRebecca J. Cook

part |37 pages

Development and The Socio-Economy

part |41 pages

The Persecuted, The Voiceless

chapter 29|7 pages

Women and the Word: The Silencing of the Feminine

BySiobhan Dowd

chapter 30|11 pages

Discrimination and the Tolerance of Difference: International Lesbian Human Rights

ByJulie Dorf, Gloria Careaga Pérez

chapter 31|10 pages

Human Rights for Refugee and Displaced Women

BySima Wali

chapter |4 pages


ByDorothy Q. Thomas