The upheavals of the Arab Spring grabbed the world’s immediate attention, and concern quickly grew over their potential aftermath, with the fear that a ‘tidal wave’ of immigrants and refugees would ‘flood’ European territory. The Arab Spring has highlighted the Mediterranean as a migration region, and new research is now required to bring to light too often neglected mobility patterns and border practices that predate and outlast the tumultuous spring of 2011.

The edited volume Space, Mobility and Borders in the Western Mediterranean tackles these contemporary issues related to migration in the Mediterranean region. It brings together high-quality, original academic contributions from both empirical and theoretical points of view by scholars from diverse disciplines, who draw upon Anglophone, Francophone, Spanish and Italian research. It reexamines borders in the light of a now full-blown body of literature that seeks to capture the complexity of their contemporary features beyond their most direct visual enactments, in particular the sweeping deployment of policing devices and operations along the North/South fault line. Another distinctive binding thread in this book is that it emphasizes migrants as active subjects interacting with local events, national policies and the bordering process.

Offering an examination of the intricate interplay among the events of the Arab Spring, migration’s multiple types and actors, and the evolving relationship between migration control and borders in the region, this book is an essential resource for students and scholars of migration studies, European Union Studies and Mediterranean Studies.

chapter |10 pages


Migration, mobility and borders in the Western Mediterranean – old spatial divisions, new agenda
ByLaure-Anne Bernes, Hassan Bousetta, Caroline Zickgraf

part I|60 pages

Understanding mobility and borders in the Western Mediterranean

chapter 1|19 pages

The conceptual dynamics of borders in a world in motion 1

ByRicard Zapata-Barrero

chapter 2|20 pages

The network-border

The articulation of mobility and immobilisation
ByAndrea Rea

chapter 3|19 pages

State-bound visa policies and Europeanised practices

Comparing EU visa policy implementation in Morocco
ByFederica Infantino

part II|66 pages

Migration control and the advent of the Arab Spring

chapter 4|21 pages

Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean area

Lampedusa and beyond
ByElif Cetin

chapter 5|19 pages

Tunisian migrants’ journey through the Mediterranean

ByAide Esu, Simone Maddanu

chapter 6|24 pages

Freedom of movement and dignity at work

From revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to migrant struggles in the Euro-Mediterranean space
ByFederico Oliveri

part III|46 pages

Transit migration and new mobilities in question

chapter 7|22 pages

Transnational migration is always a migration in stages

The Moroccan stopover of Sub-Saharan migration
ByMehdi Alioua

chapter 8|22 pages

Constructing mobile lifestyles between Europe and Africa

Sha´bi Moroccan men and new European nomads
ByMarko Juntunen, Špela Kalčić