Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances foregrounds the richly theoretical and empirically-based work of an international cast of scholars seeking to break out of the confines of the methodological nationalism that now governs so much of contemporary scholarship on schooling. Based on a 5-year extended global ethnography of elite schools in nine different countries—countries defined by colonial pasts linked to England—the contributors make a powerful case for the rethinking of elite schools and elite class formation theory in light of contemporary processes of globalization and transnational change.

Prestigious, high-status schools have long been seen as critical institutional vehicles directly contributing to the societal processes of elite selection and reproduction. This book asserts that much has changed and that these schools can no longer rest on their past laurels and accomplishments. Instead they must re-cast their heritages and tradition in order to navigate the new globally competitive educational field enabling them to succeed in a world in which the globalization of educational markets, the global ambitions and imaginations of school youth, and the emergence of new powerful players peddling entrepreneurial models of curriculum and education, have placed contemporary schooling under tremendous pressure. This insightful and though-provoking volume provides a well-researched perspective on the nature of contemporary schooling in the globalizing era. This book was originally published as a special issue of Globalisation, Societies and Education.

part |3 pages

Introduction: understanding the re-articulations of privilege over time and space

chapter |7 pages

The essays

chapter |1 pages


chapter |1 pages


chapter 1|19 pages

Staying ahead of the game: the globalising practices of elite schools

ByJane Kenway, Johannah Fahey

chapter 3|17 pages

The Argonauts of postcolonial modernity: elite Barbadian schools in globalising circumstances

ByCameron McCarthy, Ergin Bulut, Michelle Castro, Koeli Goel, Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer

chapter 4|16 pages

Privileged girls: the place of femininity and femininity in place

ByJohannah Fahey

chapter 5|18 pages

Race-ing class ladies: lineages of privilege in an elite South African school

BySouth African school Debbie Epstein

part 6|1 pages

The Cyprus game: crossing the boundaries in a divided island

chapter |6 pages

The historical background

chapter |3 pages

Cyprus today

chapter |1 pages


chapter |2 pages


part 9|3 pages

A comment on class productions in elite secondary schools in twenty-first-century global context