This essential resource addresses a range of student wellness issues confronting professionals in college and university settings. Building on Wellness Issues for Higher Education, this latest volume comprehensively covers key topics that not only contribute to students’ success in college, but also help students maintain wellness after graduation. Taking a holistic perspective of wellness, coverage includes numerous issues, including body image, time management, financial wellness, dependence and recovery issues, career planning, and civic engagement. It also addresses ways of organizing campus efforts on wellness. Each topical chapter includes proactive wellness advice and prepares the reader to better understand the facts, issues, controversies, misconceptions, and strategies for addressing the issue. This practical guide prepares higher education and student affairs professionals to understand the wellness and health issues contributing to their students’ overall well-being both during and after college.

chapter 1|15 pages


Wellness for the Future
ByDavid S. Anderson

part 1|21 pages

Emotional Wellness

chapter 2|19 pages

Body Image

Supporting Healthy Behaviors on College Campuses
ByNicole Taylor, Mimi Nichter

part 2|43 pages

Social Wellness

chapter 3|18 pages

Understanding Disability

The Psychological and Sociocultural Experience
ByM. Dolores Cimini

chapter 4|23 pages

Sexual Violence

Changing the Trajectory
ByKaren S. Moses

part 3|37 pages

Intellectual Wellness

chapter 5|16 pages

Time Management

Finding Balance to Do It “All”
ByMichael P. McNeil

chapter 6|19 pages

Financial Wellness

A Campuswide Responsibility
ByBryan Ashton

part 4|64 pages

Physical Wellness

chapter 7|16 pages

Disordered Eating

A Critical Need to Address on Campus
ByBridget Guernsey Riordan

chapter 8|19 pages


Creating a Tobacco-Free Campus
ByJan L. Gascoigne, Aaron Mauner

chapter 9|27 pages

Substance Dependence and Recovery

Trading Stigma for Success
ByThomas Hall, Beth Dericco

part 5|34 pages

Occupational Wellness

chapter 10|20 pages

Career Wellness

From Great Depression, through Great Recession, to Great Ascension
ByFrances Lucas, R. Britton Katz

chapter 11|12 pages

Civic Engagement

Connecting Social Responsibility, Well-Being and Academic Success
ByAshley Finley, Linda Major, Nancy Mitchell

part 6|13 pages

Campus Applications

chapter 12|11 pages

Organizing Wellness Issues

Walking Together to Build Bridges for Campuses Today and Communities Tomorrow
ByTodd S. Rose