The Handbook of Social Justice in Loss and Grief is a scholarly work of social criticism, richly grounded in personal experience, evocative case studies, and current multicultural and sociocultural theories and research. It is also consistently practical and reflective, challenging readers to think through responses to ethically complex scenarios in which social justice is undermined by radically uneven opportunity structures, hierarchies of voice and privilege, personal and professional power, and unconscious assumptions, at the very junctures when people are most vulnerable—at points of serious illness, confrontation with end-of-life decision making, and in the throes of grief and bereavement. Harris and Bordere give the reader an active and engaged take on the field, enticing readers to interrogate their own assumptions and practices while increasing, chapter after chapter, their cultural literacy regarding important groups and contexts. The Handbook of Social Justice in Loss and Grief deeply and uniquely addresses a hot topic in the helping professions and social sciences and does so with uncommon readability.

chapter |6 pages


part |24 pages

Introductory Concepts

part |33 pages

Issues Related to Social Status, Policy, and Politics

part |44 pages

Issues Related to Groups

chapter |10 pages

“Not Gonna Be Laid Out to Dry”

Cultural Mistrust in End of Life Care and Strategies for Trust-Building

chapter |9 pages

Protecting Dignity at the End of Life

An Agenda for Human Rights in an Aging World

part |67 pages

Individual Experiences in Social Contexts

chapter |14 pages

Medicalizing Grief

chapter |16 pages

The Silenced Emotion

Older Women and Grief in Prison

chapter |11 pages

Grief and Developmental Disabilities

Considerations for Disenfranchised Populations

part |108 pages

Practice Implications

chapter |11 pages

Spirituality and Social Justice

chapter |11 pages

From Violation to Voice, From Pain to Protest

Healing and Transforming Unjust Loss Through the Use of Rituals and Memorials

chapter |12 pages

Restorative Justice Principles and Restorative Practice

Museums as Healing Spaces 1

chapter |15 pages

Critical Social Work in Action

chapter |14 pages

Care for the Caregiver

A Multilayered Exploration

chapter |3 pages