The Handbook of Humility is the first scholarly book to bring together authors from psychology as well as other fields to address what we know and don’t know about humility. Authors review the existing research in this burgeoning field that has well over 100 empirical articles and an increasing trajectory of publication. This work should form the basis for research in humility for many years.

In this book, chapters address definitions of humility that guide research. Authors also reflect on the practical applications of humility research within the areas they reviewed. The book informs people who study humility scientifically, but it is also an exceptional guide for psychotherapists, philosophers, religious and community leaders, politicians, educated lay people, and those who would like to fuel an informed reflection on how humility might make interactions more civil in relationships, organizations, communities, political processes, and national and international relations.

chapter |16 pages

Introduction: Context, Overview, and Guiding Questions

ByEverett L. Worthington, Jr., Don E. Davis, and Joshua N. Hook

part |2 pages

Part I Theory, Definitions, and Measurement

chapter 1|14 pages

Humility as a Moral Virtue

ByJeffrie G. Murphy

chapter 2|14 pages

Humility from a Philosophical Point of View

ByRobert C. Roberts, W. Scott Cleveland

chapter 3|15 pages

Religious Perspectives on Humility

BySteven L. Porter, Anantanand Rambachan, Abraham Vélez de Cea, Dani Rabinowitz, Stephen Pardue, and Sherman Jackson

chapter 4|14 pages

Intellectual Humility

ByIan M. Church, Justin L. Barrett

chapter 5|15 pages

Political Humility: A Post-Modern Reconceptualization

ByEverett L. Worthington, Jr.

chapter 6|14 pages

Cultural Humility

ByDavid K. Mosher, Joshua N. Hook, Jennifer E. Farrell, C. Edward Watkins, Jr., and Don E. Davis

chapter 7|14 pages

Relational Humility

ByDon E. Davis, Vanessa Placeres, Elise Choe, Cirleen DeBlaere, David Zeyala, and Joshua N. Hook

chapter 8|16 pages

A Few Good Measures: Colonel Jessup and Humility

ByPeter C. Hill, Elizabeth K. Laney, Keith J. Edwards, David C. Wang, William H. Orme, Annette C. Chan, Frank L. Wang

part |2 pages

Part II Predictors, Correlates, and Sequelae of Humility

chapter 9|13 pages

Personality Predictors and Correlates of Humility

ByJoseph Leman, Megan C. Haggard, Benjamin Meagher, Wade C. Rowatt

chapter 10|15 pages

A Social Psychological Perspective on Humility

ByDaryl R. Van Tongeren, David G. Myers

chapter 13|13 pages

Spiritual and Religious Predictors, Correlates, and Sequelae of Humility

ByMark M. Leach, Adebayo Ajibade

part |2 pages

Part III Applications of Humility to Relationships and Treatment

chapter 14|14 pages

Humility in Career Development

ByBryan J. Dik, Jessica Morse, Micah White, Adelyn B. Shimizu

chapter 15|12 pages

Humility in Romantic Relationships

ByRachel C. Garthe, Chelsea A. Reid, Terri N. Sullivan, Brianne Cork

chapter 17|14 pages

Organizational Humility and the Better Functioning Business Nonprofit and Religious Organizations

ByAngela S. Wallace, Chia-Yen (Chad) Chiu, and Bradley P. Owens

chapter 18|14 pages

18Boosting State Humility via Gratitude, Self-Affirmation, and Awe: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

ByPeter M. Ruberton, Elliott Kruse, Sonja Lyubomirsky

chapter 19|12 pages

Humility Intervention Research: A Qualitative Review

ByCaroline R. Lavelock, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Brandon J. Griffin, Rachel C. Garthe, Don E. Davis, and Joshua N. Hook

chapter 21|15 pages

Humility in Psychotherapy

BySteven J. Sandage, David Rupert, David R. Paine, Miriam Bronstein, and Christopher G. O’Rourke

chapter 22|13 pages

Microaggressions and Cultural Humility in Psychotherapy

ByJoanna M. Drinane, Jesse Owen, Joshua N. Hook, Don E. Davis, and Everett L. Worthington, Jr.

chapter 23|14 pages

The Clinical Application of Humility to Moral Injury: An Exemplar of Positive Military Psychology

ByBrandon J. Griffin, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Robert F. Dees, Laurel Shaler, John Benesek, Treven Pickett, Joshua N. Hook, and Don E. Davis