Recent years have witnessed the remarkable development of the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in Asia, from the global popularity of the Japanese games and anime industries, to Korea’s film and pop music successes. While CCIs in these Asian cultural powerhouses aspire to become key players in the global cultural economy, Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand are eager to make a strong mark in the region’s cultural landscape.

As the first handbook on CCIs in Asia, this book provides readers with a contextualized understanding of the conditions and operation of Asian CCIs. Both internationalising and de-Westernising our knowledge of CCIs, it offers a comprehensive contribution to the field from academics, practitioners and activists alike. Covering 12 different societies in Asia from Japan and China to Thailand, Indonesia and India, the themes include:

  • State policy in shaping CCIs
  • Cultural production inside and outside of institutional frameworks
  • Circulation of CCIs products and consumer culture
  • Cultural activism and independent culture
  • Cultural heritage as an industry.

Presenting a detailed set of case studies, this book will be an essential companion for researchers and students in the field of cultural policy, cultural and creative industries, media and cultural studies, and Asian studies in general.

chapter |10 pages


Understanding of the cultural and creative industries in Asia

part I|16 pages

State policies

chapter 1|16 pages

Creating within constraints

Creative industries policy in Malaysia

chapter 2|16 pages

Creative industries policy in Thailand

A story of rise and demise

chapter 4|15 pages

The artrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore

Enabling and inhibiting the creative economy

chapter 5|18 pages

Challenges in developing the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) of Taiwan

The issue of local context in cluster policy

chapter 6|14 pages

Creative industries with Chinese characteristics

A comparative analysis of public funding for culture in three Chinese cities

chapter 7|16 pages

Probing the cultural turn in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taipei

The moments of triumph and despair

part II|16 pages

Producers and production

chapter 9|16 pages

Brain drain or brain gain?

Examining the talent networks in audiovisual coproduction between Taiwan and China

chapter 13|12 pages

Having played with swords

Trajectories of Singapore-China co-productions of historical fiction television dramas

chapter 14|15 pages

South Korea’s creative industry markets

Looking beyond 2020 to a rising creative economy

part III|14 pages

Consumption and circulation

chapter 15|14 pages

Sell your loneliness

Mukbang culture and multisensorial capitalism in South Korea

chapter 16|11 pages

Classic or farce?

Making a spectacle of the ‘anti-Japan drama’, 2000–15

chapter 18|12 pages

Four dimensions of regionalization

Japanese popular culture in East Asia

part IV|13 pages

Cultural activism, diversity, and independent culture

chapter 21|12 pages

Young, creative, and independent

Cinema Lovers Community (CLC) Purbalingga and its strategies to enliven independent filmmaking in Indonesia

chapter 22|11 pages

The collaborative DIY approach to creativepreneurship

Taking charge of (own) future

chapter 24|13 pages

Culture, digitalization, and diversity

Asian perspectives

part V|15 pages

Heritage and the cultural market

chapter 25|15 pages

Consuming Indian-ness

Anxieties about the nation, handicrafts, and artisans in contemporary India

chapter 26|10 pages

Negotiating cultural industries

A case study from Cambodia