This Handbook presents the first comprehensive study of policy analytical practices in comparative perspective.

It explores emerging developments and innovations in the field and advances knowledge of the nature and quality of policy analysis across different countries and at different levels of government by all relevant actors, both inside and outside government, who contribute to the diagnosis of problems and the search for policy solutions.

Handbook chapters examine all aspects of the science, art and craft of policy analysis. They do so both at the often-studied national level, and also at the less well-known level of sub-national and local governments. In addition to studying governments, the Handbook also examines for the first time the practices and policy work of a range of non-governmental actors, including think tanks, interest groups, business actors, labour groups, media, political parties and non-profits.

Bringing together a rich collection of cases and a renowned group of scholars, the Handbook constitutes a landmark study in the field.

chapter 1|24 pages

Policy Analysis in Comparative Perspective: An Introduction

ByMarleen Brans, Iris Geva-May, Michael Howlett

part I|76 pages

The Styles and Methods of Public Policy Analysis

chapter 2|16 pages

The Policy Analysis Profession

ByYukio Adachi

chapter 3|13 pages

The Choice of Formal Policy Analysis Methods

ByClaudia Scott

chapter 4|14 pages

From Policy Analytical Styles to Policymaking Styles

ByPatrick Hassenteufel, Philippe Zittoun

chapter 5|15 pages

Policy Analysis and Bureaucratic Capacity

ByJose-Luis Mendez, Mauricio I. Dussauge-Laguna

chapter 6|16 pages

Reflections on a Half Century of Policy Analysis

ByBeryl A. Radin

part II|66 pages

Policy Analysis by Governments

chapter 7|15 pages

Policy Analysis in the Central Government

ByArnošt Veselý

chapter 8|13 pages

Policy Analysis in Sub-National Governments

ByJoshua Newman

chapter 9|12 pages

Policy Analysis at the Local Level

ByMartin Lundin, PerOla Öberg

chapter 10|24 pages

Evidence-Based Budgetary Policy: Speaking Truth to Power? 1

ByFrans K. M. van Nispen, Maarten de Jong

part III|76 pages

Committees, Public Inquiries, Research Institutes, Consultants and Public Opinion

chapter 11|12 pages

Public Inquiries

ByPatrik Marier

chapter 12|18 pages

Expert Advisory Bodies in The Policy System

ByKate Crowley, Brian W. Head

chapter 13|14 pages

Policy Analysis in The Legislative Branch

ByWouter Wolfs, Lieven De Winter

chapter 14|16 pages

Management Consultancy and The Varieties of Capitalism

ByDenis Saint-Martin

chapter 15|14 pages

Public Opinion and Policy Analysis

ByChristine Rothmayr Allison

part IV|64 pages

Parties and Interest-Group-Based Policy Analysis

chapter 16|16 pages

Who are The Political Parties’ Ideas Factories? On Policy Analysis by Political Party Think Tanks

ByValérie Pattyn, Gilles Pittoors, Steven Van Hecke

chapter 17|15 pages

Business Associations and The Public Policy Process: When do They do Policy Analysis?

ByAidan R. Vining, Anthony E. Boardman

chapter 19|16 pages

Policy Analysis and The Voluntary Sector

ByBryan Evans, Juniper Glass, Adam Wellstead

part V|73 pages

Advocacy-Based and Academic Policy Analysis

chapter 20|15 pages

Media and Policy Analysis

ByYu-Ying Kuo, Ming Huei Cheng

chapter 21|17 pages

Policy Analysis and Think Tanks in Comparative Perspective

ByDiane Stone, Stella Ladi

chapter 22|19 pages

Academic Policy Analysis and Research Utilization in Policymaking

BySonja Blum, Marleen Brans

chapter 23|20 pages

Public Policy Studies in North America and Europe

ByJohanu Botha, Iris Geva-May, Allan M. Maslove