Owing to its geo-strategic location and mineral wealth, Afghanistan has acquired significance in the inter-state politics of Asia as well as world politics during the past decades. This book outlines Afghanistan’s efforts to build a stable and peaceful democratic polity, with external military support from the United States and its NATO allies. It also analyses the nation’s development initiatives with major powers such as India, the United States, Russia and Germany. The volume:

• brings to the fore ongoing tensions within the Afghan polity and its continued impact on Asian/world politics;

• discusses topical themes such as withdrawal of US troops and non-traditional security; and

• presents perspectives from scholars and experts from around the world, including Afghans.

This work will be useful to scholars and researchers in political science, international relations, sociology, area studies, and the interested general reader.

part |56 pages

Locating Afghanistan in a globalising world and testing theories of international relations

chapter |17 pages

The many lives of Afghanistan

Reassessing disciplinary international relations

chapter |21 pages

Rethinking stability for Afghanistan

Socialising Great Powers in a multilateral order

part |57 pages

The USA, NATO and Afghanistan

chapter |19 pages

The US role in Afghanistan

A critical overview

chapter |14 pages

The Afghan National Security Force

The challenges and implications of the NATO withdrawal

chapter |22 pages

For durable peace and stability

Discussing prospects of the NATO membership for Afghanistan

part |53 pages

Afghanistan and major powers

chapter |19 pages

Developments in Afghanistan after 2014

A perspective from Russia and its possible role

chapter |13 pages

Withdrawal of the NATO and Indo–Afghan relations

Emerging possibilities and challenges

part |62 pages

Regional perspectives on Afghanistan

chapter |25 pages

Nailing Jell-O

Regional organisations and Afghanistan's security after 2014

chapter |14 pages

Drawdown from Afghanistan

Implications for India's engagement in Central Asia