Throughout the world, the Anglo-American model of corporate governance tends to prevail – but no two countries are identical. Governance outcomes in developing and emerging economies often deviate from what theory predicts, due to a wide range of factors. Using insights from New Institutional Economics, Corporate Governance in Developing and Emerging Markets aims to explain the different issues and cultural and legal factors at play, and put forward an alternative governance framework for these economies.

Structured in three parts, this text investigates different models of corporate governance; it explores the realities of corporate governance in ten nations, including the ‘BRICS’ (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and ‘MINT’ (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) countries; and then considers corporate governance reform.

This interdisciplinary text will be a valuable tool for students of corporate governance across Business, Economics and Law; and an equally useful resource for anyone working in or carrying out research in this area.

part |2 pages

Part A Introduction

chapter 1|12 pages

Introduction: corporate governance in developing and emerging markets

ByOnyeka K. Osuji, Franklin N. Ngwu, Frank H. Stephen

part |2 pages

Part B Models of corporate governance

part |2 pages

Part C Corporate governance in the BRICS and MINT countries

chapter 5|13 pages

Brazil: recent corporate governance advances and retreats

ByRicardo P. C. Leal, Flávia S. Maranho

chapter 7|18 pages

Corporate governance in India: the potential for Ghandism

ByMia Mahmudur Rahim, Sanjaya Kuruppu

chapter 8|15 pages

Corporate governance in China: regulatory reforms and policies

ByMin (Anna) Du and Agyenim Boateng

chapter 9|15 pages

Institutions and corporate governance in South Africa

ByThanti Mthanti, Kalu Ojah

chapter 10|20 pages

Corporate governance in Mexico: regulatory and institutional perspectives

ByEduardo Morales Orantes

chapter 11|13 pages

Corporate governance in Indonesia

BySylvia Veronica Siregar

chapter 12|10 pages

Institutional perspectives on corporate governance reforms in Nigeria

ByOlabisi Daodu, Franklin Nakpodia, Emmanuel Adegbite

chapter 13|14 pages

Corporate governance in Turkey

ByGül Okutan Nilsson

part |2 pages

Part D Critical issues for corporate governance in developing and emerging markets

chapter 14|12 pages

Corporate governance and state-owned firms: the case of Brazil

ByAlexandre R. Coelho

chapter 15|14 pages

Corporate governance under Islam: Islamic Republic of Iran

BySurendra Arjoon

chapter 19|21 pages

Director disqualification as a corporate governance tool in developing and emerging markets

ByOnyeka K. Osuji, Imogen Moore

part |2 pages

Part E Conclusion

chapter 21|3 pages

Corporate governance in developing and emerging markets: the way forward

ByFrank H. Stephen, Franklin N. Ngwu, Onyeka K. Osuji