Research Methods for Operations Management, second edition is a toolkit of research approaches primarily for advanced students and beginner researchers but also a reference book for any researcher in OM. Many students begin their career in research limited by the one or few approaches taken by their department. The concise, accessible overviews found here equip them with an understanding of a variety of methods and how to use them, enabling them to tailor their research project to their own strengths and goals. The more seasoned researcher will find comprehensive descriptions and analyses on a wide variety of research approaches.

This updated and enhanced edition responds to the latest developments in OM, including the growing prominence of services and production of intangible products, and the increasing use of secondary data and of mixed approaches. Alternative research approaches are included and explored to help with the early planning of research. This edition also includes expanded literature review and analysis to guide students towards the next steps in their reading, and more detailed step-by-step advice to tie theory with the researcher’s own practice.

Including contributions from an impressive range of the field’s leading thinkers in OM research, this is a guide that no-one embarking on an OM research project should be without.

chapter |6 pages

Introduction to the book

ByChrister Karlsson

chapter |39 pages

Research in operations management

ByChrister Karlsson

chapter |33 pages

The research process

ByPär Åhlström

chapter |86 pages


ByCipriano Forza

chapter |33 pages

Case research

ByChris Voss, Mark Johnson, Jan Godsell

chapter |35 pages

Longitudinal field studies

ByPär Åhlström, Christer Karlsson

chapter |35 pages

Action research

ByPaul Coughlan, David Coghlan

chapter |22 pages

Clinical management research

ByChrister Karlsson

chapter |47 pages

Modelling and simulation

ByJ. Will, M. Bertrand, Jan C. Fransoo