The purpose of this title, first published in 1972, was to bring into focus the work and viewpoints of individuals and groups that were engaged in man-environment research, design and education. Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the field of man-environment relations, topics range from aspects of environmental design methodology to research applications from the behavioural sciences. This title will be of interest to students of architecture.

part |48 pages


chapter |10 pages


The Continuing Experiment in Education for Environmental Design at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
ByCharles Burchard

chapter |6 pages

Designing for Two Years

ByJ. Thomas Regan

chapter |4 pages

Professional Division: An Operational Model

The Need For An Integrative Approach
ByWarren R. Kark

chapter |6 pages

New Directions in Urban Research and Education

ByAlan W. Steiss

chapter |8 pages

The Possible Significance of the Student Revolt

ByLeonardo Ricci, Michael C. Cunningham

chapter |8 pages

The Undergraduate Man-Environment

ByAmos Rapoport

part |50 pages


chapter |2 pages

A Personal Experience

ByLois Langhorst

chapter |2 pages

Designing a Library for VPI

ByDenise Venturi

chapter |6 pages

Some Notes on Collaboration

BySarah P. Harkness

chapter |8 pages

A Conceptual Framework For Architectural Programming:

An Emphasis On The System Of Inquiry
ByTheresa Rosenberg Raper

chapter |6 pages

America's Outdoor Recreation Movement:

An Adult, White, Middleclass Subsidy?
ByJames J. Kennedy

chapter |4 pages

Design Appraisal:

Notes on the Social and Political Context of Design
ByThomas A. Markus

chapter |2 pages

Computers, Architecture and Economics of Scale:

The Need for a Study?
ByMichael Kennedy

part |41 pages


chapter |4 pages

Man-Environment Research and Environmental Design:

Design principles based on Spatial Behavior
ByWolfgang F. E. Preiser

chapter |2 pages

The State of the Art in Design Methods:

More Questions than Answers1
ByC. Christopher Jones

chapter |4 pages

Environmental Design and Animal Behavior:

Dr. Calhoun's Laboratories at NIMH
ByJuli Kane

chapter |10 pages

Optimization of Choice in a Semi-Structured Physical Environment:

A Model of Environmental Design1
ByLeonard Olson

chapter |6 pages

Planning Information Systems:

Prospects and Problems
ByLeonard J. Simutis

chapter |6 pages

Toward A Transformational Approach to Urban History:

A Tentative Framework for Using Historical Explanation in Urban Design
ByMichael Cunningham