The role of real estate in our cities is crucial to building sustainable and resilient urban futures. Smart Urban Regeneration brings together institutional, planning and real estate insights into an innovative regeneration framework for academics, students and property professionals.

Starting by identifying key urban issues within the historical urban and planning backdrop, the book goes on to explore future visions, the role of institutions and key mechanisms for smart urban regeneration. Throughout the book, international case studies and discussion questions help to draw out global implications for urban stakeholders.

Real estate professionals face a real challenge to build visionary developments which resonate locally yet mitigate climate change and curb sprawl, and foster biodiversity. By avoiding the dangers of speculative excess on one side and complacency on the other, Smart Urban Regeneration shows how transformation aspirations can be achieved sustainably. Academics, students and professionals who are involved in real estate, urban planning, property investment, community development and sustainability will find this book an essential guide to smart urban regeneration investment.

chapter |12 pages

Urban Conundrums

BySimon Huston

part I|72 pages


chapter 1|26 pages

Smart Urban Planning

BySimon Huston, Arvydas Jadevicius, Savas¸ Zafer S¸ahin

chapter 2|14 pages

Green Infrastructure

ByWill Manley, Sophia Price

chapter 3|14 pages

Food, Waste and Water

The urban paradox
ByRichard Baines

chapter 4|17 pages

Place and Community Consciousness

ByNegin Minaei

part II|74 pages


chapter 5|21 pages

Local Innovation in Emerging Creative Ecosystems

ByOnur Mengi, Koray Velibeyoglu

chapter 6|13 pages

Megaproject Screening and Management

King’s Cross, Olympic Park and Nine Elms
ByReyhaneh Rahimzad, Simon Huston, Ali Parsa

chapter 7|17 pages

Revitalisation and Design in the Tropics

Tale of two cities – Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
ByMarek Kozlowski, Yusnani Mohd Yusof

chapter 8|22 pages

Construction Firms’ Competitiveness

ByPuying Li, Simon Huston, Ali Parsa

part III|14 pages


chapter 9|13 pages

Infrastructure-Led Regeneration

Jaipur, India
ByAnil Kashyap, Jim Berry

chapter 10|18 pages

Universities, Art and Science and Smart Education

ByNegin Minaei

chapter 11|10 pages

Green Corridors and Watercourses

ByMatthew Axe

chapter 12|13 pages

The Development of Smart Cities in China

ByAndreas Oberheitmann

chapter 13|33 pages

Valuation Systems

The case of Dubai
BySimon Huston, Ebraheim Ali Lahbash, Ali Parsa

chapter 14|23 pages

Retrofits and Green Building Refurbishment

ByJonas Hahn

chapter 15|20 pages

Affordable Housing and Private Rented Sector Reform

ByPeter Smith

chapter 16|18 pages

Integrated and Sustainable Preservation of Archaeological Heritage in Urban Areas

Case study of Istanbul Sea Walls
ByNisa Semiz

chapter 17|6 pages


BySimon Huston