Has terrorism lost the power to shock and appal? Have liberal democracies learned to tolerate terrorism? Using case studies of governments’ and societies’ responses to terrorism, this book, first published in 1991, shows how attitudes towards terrorism have developed. Five western countries with differing political structures and histories are studied: Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, Israel, Italy and Spain. The analysis investigates the roles of social, political, legal, professional and religious institutions and movements in formulating the approved attitude towards terrorism that governs political bodies as well as society at large. This book will be of interest to students of politics and sociology.

chapter 3|34 pages

Tolerating terrorism in Israel

ByNoemi Gal-Or

chapter 4|11 pages

The CCC phenomenon in Belgium: unbacked terrorism

BySimon Petermann

chapter 5|38 pages

Terrorism supporters in the west: the Italian case

ByFrancesco Sidoti

chapter 6|23 pages

Do western societies tolerate terrorism? 1

ByNoemi Gal-Or