International students experience multiple and multi-dimensional educational and life transitions: moving to a new country, moving to a new educational system and moving to higher educational degree programmes. Within these transitions, they experience differences in the social and organisational cultures, languages, and interpersonal expectations, realities and relationships. Their transitions also lead to, and interact with, transitions of professionals, home students and their families.

Multi-dimensional Transitions of International Students to Higher Education provides up-to-date literature, research and theoretical constructs that underpin international students’ transitions to Higher Education. This book will help you to understand the opportunities, issues, social-emotional-psychological dimensions and evidence-based interventions that are vital to support an individual through these educational and life transitions. Split into four sections, topics include:

  • Theoretical Underpinning
  • Research in Different Contexts
  • Impact of Educational Practice and Social Systems
  • Interventions and Strategies Used to Enhance International Students’ Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Transition Experiences

This book is essential reading for professionals, students and policy makers and provides significant research insights to academics and researchers in the area of education, psychology and sociology.

part |2 pages

PART I Understanding international students’ multiple transitions: theoretical underpinning

chapter 2|16 pages

Parallel lives? Predicting and enhancing connectedness between international and domestic students

ByAlicia Bethel, Agnes Szabo, Colleen Ward

chapter 3|16 pages

Need for cognitive closure and acculturation of international students: recent findings and implications

ByEmiko S. Kashima, Giovanni Radhitio Putra Sadewo

part |2 pages

PART II Understanding international students’ multiple transitions: research in different contexts

chapter 5|18 pages

Internationalisation and student identification: changing times

ByAlice McGarvey, Mark Murphy, Elaine Byrne

chapter 7|17 pages

Approaches to studying among international students from China

ByChina John T. E. Richardson and Haoda Sun

part |2 pages

PART III Understanding international students’ multiple transitions: impact of educational practice and social systems

part |2 pages

PART IV Interventions and strategies used to enhance international students’ affective, behavioural and cognitive transition experiences

part |2 pages

CONCLUSION Understanding international students’ multiple and multi-dimensional transitions