Pre-reflective Consciousness: Sartre and Contemporary Philosophy of Mind delves into the relationship between the current analytical debates on consciousness and the debates that took place within continental philosophy in the twentieth century and in particular around the time of Sartre and within his seminal works.

Examining the return of the problem of subjectivity in philosophy of mind and the idea that phenomenal consciousness could not be reduced to functional or cognitive properties, this volume includes twenty-two unique contributions from leading scholars in the field. Asking questions such as:

  • Why we should think that self-consciousness is non-reflective?
  • Is subjectivity first-personal?
  • Does consciousness necessitate self-awareness?
  • Do we need pre-reflective self-consciousness?
  • Are ego-disorders in psychosis a dysfunction of pre-reflective self-awareness?
  • How does the Cartesian duality between body and mind fit into Sartre’s conceptions of consciousness?

chapter |26 pages


Back to pre-reflectivity

part I|113 pages

Foundation of the mental

chapter 2|17 pages

Is subjectivity first-personal?

chapter 3|35 pages

Degrees of self-presence

Rehabilitating Sartre's accounts of pre-reflective self-consciousness and reflection

chapter 4|19 pages

Sartre on pre-reflective consciousness

The adverbial interpretation

chapter 5|21 pages

Pre-reflective and reflective time-consciousness

The shortcomings of Sartre and Husserl and a possible way out

part II|135 pages

I-knowledge, perception, and introspection

chapter 6|33 pages

The zero point and I

chapter 8|17 pages

A pebble at the bottom of the water

Sartre and Cavell on the opacity of self-knowledge

chapter 9|20 pages

Does consciousness necessitate self-awareness?

Consciousness and self-awareness in Sartre's The Transcendence of the Ego

chapter 10|32 pages

Perception and imagination

A Sartrean account

part III|85 pages

Pre-reflectivity disputed

part IV|89 pages

Body as a whole, the other, and disorder of the mental

chapter 15|20 pages


Sartre and Anglo-American philosophy of mind

chapter 17|15 pages

The body is structured like a language

Reading Sartre's Being and Nothingness

chapter 18|17 pages

Basic forms of pre-reflective self-consciousness

A developmental perspective

chapter 19|14 pages

Ego disorders in psychosis

Dysfunction of pre-reflective self-awareness?

part V|53 pages

Historical philosophical background

chapter 20|21 pages

Radical Epokhè

On Sartre's concept of “pure reflection”

chapter 22|12 pages

Invisible ghosts

Les jeux sont faits and disembodied consciousness