Culture, Learning, and Technology: Research and Practice provides readers with an overview of the research on culture, learning, and technology (CLT) and introduces the concept of culture-related theoretical frameworks. In 13 chapters, the book explores the theoretical and philosophical views of CLT, presents research studies that examine various aspects of CLT, and showcases projects that employ best practices in CLT. Written for researchers and students in the fields of Educational Technology, Instructional Design, and the Learning Sciences, this volume represents a broad conceptualization of CLT and encompasses a variety of settings. As the first significant collection of research in this emerging field of study, Culture, Learning, and Technology overflows with new insights into the increasing role of technology use across all levels of education.

chapter 1|7 pages

Introduction to Culture, Learning, and Technology

Research and Practice
ByAngela D. Benson, Roberto Joseph, Joi L. Moore

chapter 2|20 pages

Critical Pedagogy and Educational Technology

ByAmy C. Bradshaw

chapter 4|14 pages

Globalization, Ironic Binaries, and Instructional Technology

Toward the Emergence of a Robust Critical Theory of Technology
ByMichael K. Thomas

chapter 5|17 pages

Hip-Hop Music as a Pedagogical Tool

Teaching with Hip-Hop in Global Contexts
ByAkesha M. Horton, Erik J. Byker, Keith Heggart

chapter 7|18 pages

How Cultural Factors Influence the Use of Social Constructivist-Based Pedagogical Models of Distance Learning

Examining Japanese Online Collaborative Behaviors
ByBodi Anderson

chapter 8|18 pages

Culture and Computational Thinking

A Pilot Study of Operationalizing Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) in Computer Science Education
ByLeshell Hatley, Cynthia E. Winston-Proctor, Gina M. Paige, Kevin Clark

chapter 9|24 pages

Fondational Theories of Social Media Tools and Cultural Competency

A Systematic Literature Review
BySandra G. Nunn, Lequisha Brown-Joseph, Michelle Susberry Hill

chapter 10|14 pages


Designing and Implementing a Culturally Relevant Game-Based Curriculum
ByRoberto Joseph, James Diamond

chapter 11|15 pages

Boys and Video Game Play

Re-engaging Boys in the Classroom
ByShulong Yan, Yelim Mun, Jason A. Engerman, Alison Carr-Chellman

chapter 12|16 pages

Exploring Chinese International Students' Acceptance of Mobile Learning

ByZhetao Guo, Angela D. Benson

chapter 13|16 pages

Students Making Science Games

The Design Process of Students Incorporating Science Content into Video Games
ByNeda Khalili Blackburn, Kevin Clark

chapter 14|13 pages

How the Cultural Clash of Essentialism and Progressivism Shaped Technology Adoption

A Case Study of Culture, Learning, and Technology
BySteven Watkins, Mansureh Kebritchi