Cataloguing the World’s Endangered Languages brings together the results of the extensive and influential Catalogue of Endangered Languages (ELCat) project.

Based on the findings from the most extensive endangered languages research project, this is the most comprehensive source of accurate information on endangered languages. The book presents the academic and scientific findings that underpin the online Catalogue, located at www.endangeredlanguages.com, making it an essential companion to the website for academics and researchers working in this area.

While the online Catalogue displays much data from the ELCat project, this volume develops and emphasizes aspects of the research behind the data and includes topics of great interest in the field, not previously covered in a single volume.

Cataloguing the World’s Endangered Languages is an important volume of particular interest to academics and researchers working with endangered languages.

chapter 1|14 pages


Why catalogue endangered languages?
ByLyle Campbell, Anna Belew

chapter 2|8 pages

Naming Conventions and Challenges

ByYen-ling Chen, Lyle Campbell

chapter 3|26 pages

Language Classification and Cataloguing Endangered Languages

ByRussell Barlow, Lyle Campbell

chapter 4|17 pages

Language Extinction then and now

ByAnna Belew, Sean Simpson

chapter 5|13 pages

The Language Endangerment Index

ByNala H. Lee, John R. Van Way

chapter 6|6 pages

New Knowledge Produced by the Catalogue of Endangered Languages

ByLyle Campbell, Eve Okura

chapter 7|165 pages

The World’s Endangered Languages and their Status

ByAnna Belew, Yen-ling Chen, Lyle Campbell, Russell Barlow, Bryn Hauk, Raina Heaton, Stephanie Walla

chapter 9|46 pages


Setting priorities for endangered language research
ByBryn Hauk, Raina Heaton