Problem Solving with the Private Sector presents advice and solutions for fruitful government–business alliances from the perspective of everyday public management. With a focus on job training, economic development, regulation, and finance and innovation, each chapter discusses a traditional tool of government presented in a practical and applied manner, as well as the implementation of the tool with clear examples. Content-rich case studies on a wide range of policy issues, including regulatory policy, natural resources, manufacturing, financial services, and health care highlight opportunities for government and business to collaborate to pursue the public good.

This book offers current and future public managers possible solutions to complex problems for effective government–business alliances in a range of settings. It is essential reading for all those studying public management, public administration, and public policy.

part |2 pages

Part IV Finance and Innovation

chapter 8|13 pages

Public–Private Collaboration and Trust Funds of the U.S. States

ByJoshua Franzel and Ryan Gregory 143

chapter 10|25 pages

Sorting Out Social Impact Bonds

ByDaniel E. Bromberg, Jonathan B. Justice