This second edition of the Handbook of Employee Selection has been revised and updated throughout to reflect current thinking on the state of science and practice in employee selection. In this volume, a diverse group of recognized scholars inside and outside the United States balance theory, research, and practice, often taking a global perspective.

Divided into eight parts, chapters cover issues associated with measurement, such as validity and reliability, as well as practical concerns around the development of appropriate selection procedures and implementation of selection programs. Several chapters discuss the measurement of various constructs commonly used as predictors, and other chapters confront criterion measures that are used in test validation. Additional sections include chapters that focus on ethical and legal concerns and testing for certain types of jobs (e.g., blue collar jobs). The second edition features a new section on technology and employee selection.

The Handbook of Employee Selection, Second Edition provides an indispensable reference for scholars, researchers, graduate students, and professionals in industrial and organizational psychology, human resource management, and related fields.

part I|161 pages

Foundations of Psychological Measurement and Evaluation Applied to Employee Selection

part II|86 pages

Implementation and Management of Employee Selection Systems in Work Organizations

part III|116 pages

Categories of Individual Difference Constructs for Employee Selection

chapter 11|26 pages

Cognitive Ability

Measurement and Validity for Employee Selection

chapter 13|28 pages


Its Measurement and Validity for Employee Selection

part IV|61 pages

Decisions in Developing, Selecting, Using, and Evaluating Predictors

chapter 16|21 pages

Decisions in the Operational Use of Employee Selection Procedures

Choosing, Evaluating, and Administering Assessment Tools

chapter 17|9 pages

The Sum of the Parts

Methods of Combining Assessments for Employment Decisions

chapter 18|9 pages

Choosing a Psychological Assessment

Reliability, Validity, and More

chapter 19|20 pages

Assessment Feedback

part V|146 pages

Criterion Constructs in Employee Selection

chapter 25|19 pages

The Deficiency of Our Criteria

Who Defines Performance, Contribution, and Value?

part VI|121 pages

Legal and Ethical Issues in Employee Selection

part VII|158 pages

Employee Selection in Specific Organizational Contexts

chapter 32|16 pages

Public Sector Employment

chapter 33|22 pages

Selection Methods and Desired Outcomes

Improving Entry- and Mid-level Leadership Performance Through the Use of Assessment Technologies

chapter 37|21 pages

Selection for Team Membership

Complexity, Contingency, and Dynamism Across Multiple Levels

chapter 38|20 pages

Selecting Leaders

Executives and High-Potentials

part VIII|136 pages

Technology and Employee Selection

chapter 39|19 pages

Technology and Employee Selection

An Overview

chapter 43|18 pages

Using Big Data to Enhance Staffing

Vast Untapped Resources or Tempting Honeypot? 1