Performance management is key to the ongoing success of any organisation, allowing it to meet its strategic objectives by designing and implementing management control systems.

This book goes beyond the usual discussion of performance management in accounting and finance, to consider strategic management, human behaviour and performance management in different countries and contexts. With a global mix of world-renowned researchers, this book systematically covers the what, the who, the where and the why of performance management and control (PMC) systems.

A comprehensive, state-of-the-art collection edited by a leading expert in the field, this book is a vital resource for all scholars, students and researchers with an interest in business, management and accounting.

part 1|145 pages

Design of performance management and control systems

chapter 2|28 pages

Management control systems

Theory and lessons from practice

part 2|127 pages

People and management control

chapter 10|19 pages

The role of strategic planning

A case study in UK higher education

chapter 11|9 pages

Managing ambiguity

Changes in the role of the chief risk officer in the UK’s financial services sector

chapter 12|29 pages

Behavioural issues in performance-management practices

Current status and future research

chapter 13|22 pages

Accounting for the immaterial

The challenge for management accounting

chapter 15|14 pages

Leadership and control

part 3|173 pages

Performance Management and Control in different contexts

chapter 18|15 pages


Towards a ‘new world’ carrier strategy and implications for performance management system design

chapter 20|16 pages

Performance measurement in SMEs

chapter 21|25 pages

In search of hospitality

Theoretical and practical issues in performance measurement and management in hotels

chapter 23|22 pages

Performance management in the public sector

The case of the English ambulance service

chapter 24|19 pages

Management control systems research in the public higher education sector

Current status and future research agenda

part 4|54 pages

PMC research

chapter 25|15 pages

Researching performance management

An actor-reality perspective

chapter 27|9 pages

Research in performance management and control

The impact of research and the measurement of impact

chapter 28|12 pages


Entering a developing field