Asset Pedagogies in Latino Youth Identity and Achievement explores the theory, research, and application of asset-based pedagogies to counter approaches that fail to challenge deficit views of youth. Presenting details on the role of teachers’ knowledge about students’ language and culture as strengths as opposed to deficiencies, Francesca A. López connects classroom practices to positive outcomes, preparing teachers to use asset pedagogies to promote academic achievement and implement asset-based teaching practices. Making thorough use of examples from research both in and out of the classroom and concluding with concrete applications from experienced educators, this book provides future teachers with a critical understanding of how to support Latino youth.

chapter |17 pages


part |46 pages

A Macro-to-Micro Overview of the Context for Latino Youth

chapter |15 pages

Context for Latino Youth

chapter |29 pages

The Context of the Study

TUSD Desegregation and Obstacles for Latinos1

part |56 pages

Theories and Research

chapter |32 pages

Altering Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Teacher Beliefs and Teacher Behaviors1

chapter |13 pages

Student Identity1

chapter |9 pages

Policy Recommendations 1

part |64 pages

Teacher Perspective on Asset-Based Pedagogy

chapter |12 pages

A Counter Narrative

A Pedagogy of Love through Critical Race Theory

chapter |8 pages

On Becoming Human in White Skin

chapter |16 pages

Chicanismo and Carnalismo

An Asset-Based Curriculum and Pedagogy