For artists, scholars, researchers, educators and students of arts theory interested in culture and the arts, a proper understanding of the questions surrounding ‘interculturality’ and the arts requires a full understanding of the creative, methodological and interconnected possibilities of theory, practice and research. The International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research provides concise and comprehensive reviews and overviews of the convergences and divergences of intercultural arts practice and theory, offering a consolidation of the breadth of scholarship, practices and the contemporary research methodologies, methods and multi-disciplinary analyses that are emerging within this new field.

part |126 pages


chapter |12 pages

The Beauty of a Story

Toward an Indigenous art theory

chapter |11 pages

Theorising Museum Practice through Practice theory

Museum studies as intercultural practice

chapter |11 pages

Recasting Identities

Intercultural understandings of First Peoples in the national museum space

chapter |11 pages

A Poetical Journey

In what ways are theories derived from postcolonialism, whiteness and poststructural feminism implicated in matters of intercultural arts research?

chapter |13 pages

In Danger Of Relation, in Danger Of Performance, in Danger of Research

An ethical conversation with Hélène Cixous about writing as intercultural arts praxis 1

chapter |11 pages

Intercultural Education and Music Teacher Education

Cosmopolitan learning through popular music

chapter |13 pages

At the Contact Zone and the Cultural Interface

Theorising collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in research and contemporary music practices

chapter |11 pages

Insider, Outsider or Cultures in-between

Ethical and methodological considerations in intercultural arts research

chapter |11 pages

A Musician in the field

The productivity of performance as an intercultural research tool

part |144 pages


chapter |10 pages

Conforming the Body, Cultivating Individuality

Intercultural understandings of Japanese noh

chapter |11 pages

An Intercultural Curriculum

Where schooling the world meets local ecologies

chapter |13 pages

The Mediated Space

Voices of interculturalism in music for flute

chapter |10 pages

Bio-Cartographies Of Identity

A feminist approach to an intercultural art practice

chapter |12 pages

Unfolding Dissonance

An example of how arts-based research can transform the understanding of reflexive medical praxis through interculturality

chapter |11 pages

Calling Critical Work Into Question

A case of arts-based performance as intercultural public pedagogy and participatory inquiry

chapter |11 pages

An Art Research Of Urban Spatial Practices And Mobilizing Images

Emancipating bodies and signs at Montevideo's Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo

chapter |10 pages

“Radical Hospitality”

Food and drink as intercultural exchange

chapter |11 pages

Intercultural Exchange

The interventions and intraventions of practice-based research

part |186 pages


chapter |12 pages

When Dialogue Fails

An art educator's autoethnographical journey towards intercultural awareness

chapter |12 pages

Interdisciplinary, Intercultural Travels

Mapping a spectrum of research(er) experiences

chapter |11 pages

Interculturality in the Playground and Playgroup

Music as shared space for young immigrant children and their mothers

chapter |13 pages

Exploring ‘African' Music in Dublin

Researching intercultural music practice

chapter |14 pages

Mediating Cultures and Musics

Researching an intercultural production of A Midsummer Night's Dream

chapter |10 pages

Interculturalism Now

How visual culture has changed formal and informal learning

chapter |13 pages

Performative Research in Music and Poetry

An intercultural pedagogy of listening