This Handbook provides the most comprehensive overview of the role of electoral advertising on television and new forms of advertising in countries from all parts of the world currently available. Thematic chapters address advertising effects, negative ads, the perspective of practitioners and gender role. Country chapters summarize research on issues including political and electoral systems; history of ads; the content of ads; reception and effects of ads; regulation of political advertising on television and the Internet; financing political advertising; and prospects for the future. The Handbook confirms that candidates spend the major part of their campaign budget on television advertising. The US enjoys a special situation with almost no restrictions on electoral advertising whereas other countries have regulation for the time, amount and sometimes even the content of electoral advertising or they do not allow television advertising at all. The role that television advertising plays in elections is dependent on the political, the electoral and the media context and can generally be regarded as a reflection of the political culture of a country. The Internet is relatively unregulated and is the channel of the future for political advertising in many countries

part Part 1|72 pages

General Perspectives

chapter 1|10 pages

Ample Opportunities – Mostly Regulated

Political Advertising Across the World
ByChristina Holtz-Bacha

chapter 2|16 pages

Modern Political Advertising and Persuasion

BySteve Jarding, Steve Bouchard, Justin Hartley

chapter 3|9 pages

Methodological Approaches

ByMichael W. Kearney, Mary C. Banwart

chapter 4|11 pages

Gender and Political Advertising

Content and Effects
ByDianne Bystrom

chapter 5|12 pages

Negative Advertising

ByTodd L. Belt

chapter 6|12 pages

The Effects of Political Advertising

ByTravis N. Ridout, Jenny L. Holland

part Part 2|152 pages

Airtime With No Charge for Electoral Advertising

chapter 7|12 pages

Political Advertising in Argentina

ByMartín D’Alessandro

chapter 8|14 pages

Prime Time Electoral Propaganda

The Brazilian Model of Free Airtime
ByAlessandra Aldé, Felipe Borba

chapter 9|12 pages

Political Advertising in Chile

State of Play in a Period of Changes
ByAlberto Pedro López-Hermida Russo

chapter 10|10 pages

The Role of Political Advertising in the Czech Republic

ByJan Jirák, Anna Shavit

chapter 11|16 pages

Political Advertising in France

The Story and Effects of a Slow Liberalization
ByAlexandre Borrell, Jamil Dakhlia

chapter 12|13 pages

Does Political Advertising Still Have an Impact on the Outcome of Election Campaigns?

Political Advertising in Hungary
ByJolán Róka

chapter 13|13 pages

Political Advertising in Italy

ByEdoardo Novelli

chapter 14|14 pages

A String of Phenomena

A Meta-ethnographic Synthesis of Qualitative Studies and Reviews of the Advertising Campaign of the 13th General Election in Malaysia
ByAida Mokhtar

chapter 15|11 pages

The Lousy Avalanche

Political Advertising in Mexico
ByJulio Juárez-Gámiz, Marco Arellano-Toledo

chapter 16|8 pages

Political Advertising in Turkey

ByBaki Can

chapter 17|14 pages

Political Advertising in Spain (1977–2015)

From Education to Indirect Effects
ByTeresa Sádaba, Matias Jove

chapter 18|13 pages

The Longest Running Series on Television

Party Political Broadcasting in Britain
BySimon Cross, Dominic Wring

part Part 3|67 pages

Purchase of Airtime for Electoral Advertising

chapter 19|13 pages


Election Advertising in Mediatized Politics
ByLilia Raycheva

chapter 20|13 pages

Audiovisual Political Advertising in Finland

ByTom Moring

chapter 21|16 pages

Media, Political Advertising and Election Campaigning in Russia

BySergei A. Samoilenko, Elina Erzikova

chapter 22|10 pages


Ten Years with Television Advertising
ByBengt Johansson

chapter 23|13 pages

The Wild, Wild West

Political Advertising in the United States
ByMarion R. Just, Ann Crigler

part Part 4|109 pages

Airtime With No Charge and for Purchase

chapter 24|13 pages

Political Advertising in Australia

The Dominance of Television
ByRodney Smith, Stephen Mills

chapter 25|12 pages

Political Advertising in Canada

Navigating the Waters of Free and Fair Elections
ByGuy Lachapelle, Tristan Masson

chapter 26|20 pages

Political Advertising in Colombia

Between the Narratives of War and Peace
ByMiguel García-Sánchez, Jair Alberto Arciniegas

chapter 27|13 pages

A Serious Matter

Political Advertising in Germany
ByChristina Holtz-Bacha

chapter 29|11 pages

Political Advertising in the Netherlands

(Still) Little Ado About (Almost) Nothing
ByRens Vliegenthart, Sanne Kruikemeier

chapter 30|12 pages

Towards Professionalization and Americanization

Audiovisual Political Advertising in Poland (1989–2015)
ByBogusława Dobek-Ostrowska

chapter 31|13 pages

The Rise of Television Advertising in a Traditional Campaign Environment

The Case of South Africa
ByRobert Mattes, Ian Glenn

part Part 5|8 pages


chapter 32|6 pages


Democracy and Political Advertising
ByMarion R. Just