Sexual rhetoric is the self-conscious and critical engagement with discourses of sexuality that exposes both their naturalization and their queering, their torquing to create different or counter-discourses, giving voice and agency to multiple and complex sexual experiences. This volume explores the intersection of rhetoric and sexuality through the varieties of methods available in the fields of rhetoric and writing studies, including case studies, theoretical questioning, ethnographies, or close (and distant) readings of "texts" that help us think through the rhetorical force of sexuality and the sexual force of rhetoric.

chapter |14 pages


What's Sexual about Rhetoric, What's Rhetorical about Sex?
ByJonathan Alexander, Jacqueline Rhodes

part |77 pages

Sexed Methods

chapter |14 pages

Promiscuous Approaches to Reorienting Rhetorical Research

ByHeather Lee Branstetter

chapter |14 pages

“Intersecting Realities”

Queer Assemblage as Rhetorical Methodology
ByJason Palmeri, Jonathan Rylander

chapter |13 pages

Consciousness, Experience, Sexual Expression, and Judgment

ByJacqueline M. Martinez

chapter |14 pages

Hard-Core Rhetoric

Gender, Genre, and the Image in Neuroscience
ByJordynn Jack

chapter |7 pages

Historicizing Sexual Rhetorics

Theorizing the Power to Read, the Power to Interpret, and the Power to Produce
ByMeta G. Carstarphen

chapter |14 pages

Milk Memory's Queer Rhetorical Futurity

ByCharles E. Morris

part |79 pages

Troubling Identity

chapter |13 pages

The Trope of the Closet

ByDavid L. Wallace

chapter |13 pages

Sex and the Crip Latina

ByEllen M. Gil-Gómez

chapter |13 pages

Affect, Female Masculinity, and the Embodied Space Between

Two-Spirit Traces in Thirza Cuthand's Experimental Film
ByLisa Tatonetti

chapter |13 pages

The Unbearable Weight of Pedagogical Neutrality

Religion and LGBTQ Issues in the English Studies Classroom
ByG. Patterson

chapter |12 pages

The Story of Fox Girl

Writing Queer about/in Imaginary Spaces
ByMartha Marinara

chapter |14 pages

“As Proud of Our Gayness, as We Are of Our Blackness”

Race-ing Sexual Rhetorics in the National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays
ByEric Darnell Pritchard

part |85 pages


chapter |13 pages

“Gay Boys Kill Themselves”

The Queer Figuration of the Suicidal Gay Teen
ByErin J. Rand

chapter |15 pages

Consorting with the Enemy?

Women's Liberation Rhetoric about Sexuality 1
ByClark A. Pomerleau

chapter |14 pages

Sex Trafficking Rhetorics/Queer Refusal

ByIan Barnard

chapter |13 pages

Presidential Masculinity

George W. Bush's Rhetorical Conquest
ByLuke Winslow