Non-value adding activities are otherwise known as ‘waste’ in the lean construction lexicon. The aim of this collection is to build a common understanding of the role and contribution of value-adding activities in achieving stipulated objectives and continuous improvement in construction projects, and to contrast this with waste. Although the lean approach to construction projects has been widely covered, this is the first book that explicitly provides the link between value and waste in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector.

This internationally researched collection seeks to create a paradigm shift, which will shape work processes and future directions for how value is conceptualized and operationalized in both the project management and business aspects of construction. The readers will gain an understanding of: 

  • The value-adding paradigm in construction
  • How to make value-supporting decisions
  • Waste identification and control in practice

With contributions from South Africa, Brazil, Norway, and the USA, the implications of this book are globally relevant. This is essential reading for all higher level students of construction management and economics, and all professionals interested in value management. 

chapter |4 pages


Goal of lean construction
ByFidelis A. Emuze, Tarcisio A. Saurin

part |38 pages

Theory of waste in construction

chapter |8 pages

Wastes in construction

Concepts and types
ByFidelis A. Emuze, Tarcisio A. Saurin

chapter |9 pages

Making do or resilience

Making sense of variability
ByTarcisio A. Saurin, Rodrigo C. Sanches

part |44 pages

Value in construction

chapter |16 pages

A systemic approach to the concept of value in lean construction

BySara Costa Maia, Mariana Lima, José de Paula Barros Neto

chapter |11 pages

Value is relative

How decision-making theories affect lean construction
ByBolivar A. Senior

chapter |15 pages

Lean and sustainability in construction

Creating value
ByFidelis A. Emuze, Alex Opoku, John J. Smallwood

part |56 pages

Control of waste in construction

chapter |11 pages

Last Planner System

Improving planning procedures to reduce waste
BySøren Lindhard

chapter |17 pages

Guidelines and conditions for implementing kanban in construction

ByDayana B. Costa, André Perroni de Burgos

chapter |12 pages

Use of andon in a horizontal residential construction project

ByClarissa Biotto, Bruno Mota, Lívia Araújo, George Barbosa, Fabíola Andrade

chapter |14 pages

Wastes and genchi genbutsu

The importance of ‘go and see for yourself' to project value
ByBolivar A. Senior, Brad Hyatt

chapter |4 pages


Concepts and new learning frontiers
ByFidelis A. Emuze, Tarcisio A. Saurin