Exploring one of the most dynamic and contested regions of the world, this series includes works on political, economic, cultural, and social changes in modern and contemporary Asia and the Pacific.


Theater and Society

An Introduction to Contemporary Chinese Drama
ByYan Haiping

chapter |57 pages

Bus Stop

A lyrical comedy on life in one act
ByGao Xingjian, Kimberly Besio

chapter |63 pages


ByWang Peigong, Wang Gui, Thomas Moran

chapter |66 pages

Pan Jinlian

The History of a Fallen Woman
ByWei Minglun, David Williams

chapter |73 pages

Sangshuping Chronicles

ByChen Zidu, Yang Jian, Zhu Xiaoping, Cai Rong

chapter |64 pages

Old Well

(A film script)
ByZheng Yi, Wu Tianming, Yu Shiaoling