Expanding on the editors' award-winning article "Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing," this book presents a challenging new paradigm for the marketing discipline. This new paradigm is service-oriented, customer-oriented, relationship-focused, and knowledge-based, and places marketing, once viewed as a support function, central to overall business strategy. Service-dominant logic defines service as the application of competencies for the benefit of another entity and sees mutual service provision, rather than the exchange of goods, as the proper subject of marketing. It moves the orientation of marketing from a "market to" philosophy where customers are promoted to, targeted, and captured, to a "market with" philosophy where the customer and supply chain partners are collaborators in the entire marketing process. The editors elaborate on this model through an historical analysis, clarification, and extension of service-dominant logic, and distinguished marketing thinkers then provide further insight and commentary. The result is a more comprehensive and inclusive marketing theory that will challenge both current thinking and marketing practice.

part I|64 pages

Foundational Aspects of the Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing

chapter 3|14 pages

Service-Dominant Logic

What It Is, What It Is Not, What It Might Be

chapter 4|8 pages

How New, How Dominant?

part II|40 pages

Dialog: The Centrality of Resources

chapter 5|18 pages

The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing

Theoretical Foundations, Pedagogy, and Resource-Advantage Theory

part III|75 pages

Co-Production, Collaboration, and Other Value-Creating Processes

chapter 9|10 pages

Co-Producers and Co-Participants in the Satisfaction Process

Mutually Satisfying Consumption

chapter 10|11 pages

Co-Production of Services

A Managerial Extension

chapter 13|14 pages

Customers As Co-Producers

Implications for Marketing Strategy Effectiveness and Marketing Operations Efficiency

part IV|63 pages

Liberating Views on Value and Marketing Communication

chapter 15|12 pages

From Entities to Interfaces

Delineating Value in Customer—Firm Interactions

chapter 16|16 pages

Rosepekiceciveci versus CCV

The Resource-Operant, Skills-Exchanging, Performance-Experiencing, Knowledge-Informed, Competence-Enacting, Co-producer–Involved, Value-Emerging, Customer-Interactive View of Marketing versus the Concept of Customer Value: “I Can Get It for You Wholesale”

part V|89 pages

Alternative Logics

chapter 22|10 pages

The New Dominant Logic of Marketing

Views of the Elephant

chapter 23|6 pages

More Dominant Logics for Marketing

Productivity and Growth

chapter 25|13 pages

From Goods- Toward Service-Centered Marketing

Dangerous Dichotomy or an Emerging Dominant Logic?

chapter 26|14 pages

The Service-Dominant Logic for Marketing

A Critique

part VI|86 pages

Moving Forward with a Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing

chapter 27|15 pages

Many-to-Many Marketing as Grand Theory

A Nordic School Contribution

chapter 29|16 pages

Going Beyond The Product

Defining, Designing, and Delivering Customer Solutions

chapter 30|12 pages

How Does Marketing Strategy Change in a Service-Based World?

Implications and Directions for Research