Representative selections from China's twentieth-century human rights discourse, rendered into fluid and non-technical English. The documents are arranged chronologically, and each is preceded by a brief introduction dealing with the author and the immediate context. The book also includes a glossary in which translations of key terms are linked to their Chinese equivalents.

part I|53 pages

Last Years of the Qing Dynasty: 1900–1911

part II|69 pages

The New Culture Movement, May Fourth, and the Twenties: 1914–1926

chapter 9|5 pages

Self-awareness (1914)

chapter 19|5 pages

Foreword to Renquan Magazine (1925)

part VI|60 pages

1976–1986, Including the Democracy Wall Movement

part VII|25 pages

The Late 1980s: Before and After Tiananmen

part VIII|123 pages

The 1990s

chapter 51|12 pages

Prison Letter (1991)

chapter 56|6 pages

Vienna Conference Statement (1993)

chapter 58|4 pages

What Are Asian Values? (1998)