This unique encyclopedia explores the historical and contemporary controversies between science and religion. It is designed to offer multicultural and multi-religious views, and provide wide-ranging perspectives. "Science, Religion, and Society" covers all aspects of the religion and science dichotomy, from humanities to social sciences to natural sciences, and includes articles by theologians, religion scholars, physicians, scientists, historians, and psychologists, among others. The first section, General Overviews, contains essays that provide a road map for exploring the major challenges and questions in science and religion. Following this, the Historical Perspectives section grounds these major questions in the past, and demonstrates how they have developed into the six broad areas of contemporary research and discussion that follow. These sections - Creation, the Cosmos, and Origins of the Universe; Ecology, Evolution, and the Natural World; Consciousness, Mind, and the Brain; Healers and Healing; Dying and Death; and Genetics and Religion - organize the questions and research that are the foundation of the enormous interest, and controversy, in science and religion today.

part |2 pages

General Overviews

chapter |4 pages

Introduction to General Overviews

chapter 1|11 pages

Integrating Science and Religion

ByJohn Polkinghorne

chapter 2|8 pages

Integrating Science and Religion—A Jewish Perspective

ByNorbert M. Samuelson

chapter 3|10 pages

Islam and Science

ByToby E. Huff

chapter 4|6 pages

The Place of Science in the Hindu Worldview

ByP. Venugopala Rao

chapter 5|6 pages

Science and Religion in Africa

ByGloria Emeagwali

chapter 6|13 pages

Science and Native American Communities

ByKeith James

chapter 7|12 pages

Native Spirituality and Science

ByPhillip H. Duran

chapter 8|8 pages

Knowing the World

ByVine Deloria Jr

chapter 9|10 pages

Issues in Science and Religion: A Critical Evaluation

ByLaurence I. Gould

part |2 pages

Historical Perspectives

chapter |5 pages

Introduction to Historical Perspectives

chapter 19|8 pages

Religion in Ancient Western South America

ByCharles Stanish

chapter 20|6 pages

Science in Pre-Hispanic Western South America

ByCharles Stanish

chapter 21|11 pages

Science in the Classical Hindu World

ByV.V. Raman

chapter 22|3 pages

Joseph Needham and Taoism

ByShigeru Nakayama

chapter 23|7 pages

Islam and Premodern Science

ByMuzaffar Iqbal

chapter 24|7 pages

Islam and Modern Science

ByMuzaffar Iqbal

chapter 30|11 pages

The Development and Diffusion of Alchemy from Antiquity to the Renaissance

ByBrenda S. Gardenour

part |2 pages

Creation, the Cosmos, and Origins of the Universe

chapter 35|15 pages

Creation and Origins of the Universe

ByMarcelo Gleiser

chapter 36|7 pages

African Cosmologies Past and Present

ByHazel Ayanga

chapter 37|6 pages

Creation Myths of Africa

ByGloria Emeagwali, Ayele Bekerie

chapter 38|12 pages

The Biblical View of Nature

ByStephen D. Snobelen

chapter 39|5 pages

Galileo, Science, and Religion

ByMariano Artigas

chapter 40|15 pages

Isaac Newton: His Science and Religion

ByStephen D. Snobelen

chapter 41|10 pages

God and the Big Bang

ByTheodore Schick Jr

chapter 42|10 pages

Cosmology and the Anthropic Principle

ByVictor J. Stenger

chapter 43|9 pages


ByJeffrey Koperski

chapter 44|7 pages

Science and the Bible: Two Views of One Reality

ByGerald Schroeder

chapter 45|9 pages

Is Cosmology Religiously Significant?

ByWillem B. Drees

chapter 46|6 pages

Space in Ancient Mesoamerica

ByRex Koontz

part |2 pages

Ecology, Evolution, and the Natural World

chapter 47|8 pages

Natural Theology, Deism, and Early Modern Science

ByPeter Harrison

chapter 48|8 pages

Process Theology

ByJoseph Bracken

chapter 49|15 pages


ByFrancisco J. Ayala

chapter 50|10 pages

Evolution and Natural Selection

ByChristopher W. Beck

chapter 51|8 pages

Intelligent Design

ByMichael J. Behe

chapter 52|9 pages

Evolution and Religion

ByScott Atran

chapter 54|7 pages

Environmental Ethics

ByCelia Deane-Drummond

chapter 55|7 pages

Science and the Sacred

ByJohn Ikerd

chapter 56|9 pages

Science, Religion, and Sustainable Development

ByMikael Stenmark

part |2 pages

Consciousness, Mind, and the Brain

chapter 57|7 pages

The Psychology of Religion

ByChristopher Peterson, Nansook Park

chapter 58|9 pages

Consciousness and Neurotheology

ByKelly Bulkeley

chapter 59|7 pages


ByCarol Rausch Albright

chapter 60|12 pages

Neurobiology and Consciousness

ByAndrew B. Newberg

chapter 61|10 pages

The Ethics of Psychosurgery and Deep Brain Stimulation

BySarah Vinson, Kelly D. Foote, Michael S. Okun

chapter 62|10 pages

The Mind-Body Problem

ByJ.P. Moreland

chapter 65|12 pages

Cognitive Science of Religion D. Jason Slone

part |2 pages

Healers and Healing

chapter |4 pages

Introduction to Healers and Healing

chapter 66|4 pages


ByAlexander Escobar

chapter 72|11 pages

Nuwati: Native American Medicine, Healing, and the Sacred Way of Being

ByMichael Tlanusta Garrett

chapter 75|8 pages

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Faith Healing

ByLisa J. Schwebel

chapter 76|12 pages

Does Religion Cause Health?

ByDoug Oman, Carl E. Thoresen

part |2 pages

Dying and Death

chapter |4 pages

Introduction to Dying and Death

chapter 77|9 pages

The Blurred Boundary: When Death Displaces Life

ByJoanne D.S. McMahon

chapter 78|8 pages

Judaism and Ethical Issues in End of Life Care

ByElliot N. Dorff

chapter 79|11 pages


ByCharles A. Corr

chapter 80|8 pages

Prolonging Living and Dying

ByKathy Kinlaw

chapter 81|7 pages

Near Death Experiences

ByBruce J. Horacek

chapter 82|9 pages

Dissection and Autopsy

ByToby E. Huff

part |2 pages

Genetics and Religion

chapter |6 pages

Introduction to Genetics and Religion

chapter 83|17 pages

Genetics, Society, and Spirituality

ByGaymon Bennett

chapter 84|7 pages

Biotechnology and Theology

ByCelia Deane-Drummond

chapter 85|8 pages

Religion, Ethics, and the Human Genome Project

ByMargaret R. McLean

chapter 86|8 pages

Human Reproductive Cloning: Assessing the Concerns

ByTimothy Caulfield

chapter |42 pages


chapter |14 pages

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