This comprehensive text provides a detailed review and analysis of the building-block theories in Organizational Behavior. Expanding on his previous work in the field, John Miner has identified the key theories that every student or scholar needs to understand to be considered literate in the discipline.

Organizational Behavior: Essential Theories of Motivation and Leadership analyzes the work of leading theorists. Each chapter includes the background of the theorist represented, the context in which the theory arose, the initial and subsequent theoretical statements, research on the theory by the theory's author and others (including meta-analysis and reviews), and practical applications.

Special features including boxed summaries of each theory at the beginning of each chapter, two introductory chapters on the scientific method and the development of knowledge, and detailed and comprehensive references, help make this text especially useful for graduate courses in Organizational Behavior and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

part I|34 pages

Scientific Introduction

part II|169 pages

Theories of Motivation

chapter 4|15 pages

Achievement Motivation Theory

chapter 5|14 pages

Motivation-Hygiene Theory

chapter 7|20 pages

Expectancy Theories

chapter 9|25 pages

Equity Theory

chapter 10|25 pages

Goal-Setting Theory

part III|181 pages

Theories of Leadership