This is the best single-source guide to leadership development in the public sector. It offers a wealth of advice for teachers, students, trainers, human resource officers, and established leaders. The all-original chapters include discussions of leadership frameworks, competencies for public leaders for the "new governance," and strategies for senior leaders in government.The book's wide-ranging coverage includes in-depth discussions of specific approaches to learning methods such as action learning and social artistry, as well as presentations of leader development models such as transformational stewardship and global leadership. The contributors present experiences from real-world leadership development programs, and the book situates leader development within the current trends of networks, collaboration, and boundary-crossing work in the public sector.

chapter 1|16 pages


ByRicardo S. Morse, Terry F. Buss

part |2 pages

Part I. Changing Conceptions of Public Leadership

part |2 pages

Part III. Global Public Leadership

chapter 9|28 pages

Developing Leaders in the New Age of Government

ByRuth T. Zaplin, Sydney Smith-Heimbrock

chapter 10|11 pages

Government Personnel: Foreign Affairs

ByThomas R. Pickering

part |2 pages

Part IV. New Political Appointees

chapter 13|12 pages

A Leadership Agenda for Newly Appointed Senior Officials

ByCindy Williams, F. Stevens Redburn, Terry F. Buss

part |2 pages

Part V. Approaches to Public Leadership Development