"Ethics and Integrity in Public Administration" presents cutting-edge perspectives on the role of ethics in public sector management - what it is and where it is going. The contributors include a cross-section of authoritative authors from around the globe, and from both the academy and government. They cover a wide range of topics, diverse theoretical and conceptual paradigms, and global examples, and provide a broader view than what is typically offered in other books. The book includes both theoretical insights and commentaries grounded in practice. Chapters are divided into three parts: Ethical Foundations and Perspectives, Ethical Management and Ethical Leadership, and International and Comparative Perspectives.

part 1|64 pages

Ethical Foundations and Perspectives

chapter 1|21 pages

Democratic Morality

Back to the Future
ByCynthia E. Lynch, Thomas Dexter Lynch

chapter 2|14 pages

The I That Is We

Recognition and Administrative Ethics
ByMichael Macaulay

chapter 3|25 pages

Ethical Failings, Incompetence, and Administrative Evil

Lessons From Katrina and Iraq
ByGuy B. Adams, Danny L. Balfour

part 2|55 pages

Ethical Management and Ethical Leadership

chapter 4|8 pages

Administrative Leadership and Transparency

ByCharles Garofalo, Dean Geuras

chapter 5|15 pages

Implications of Organizational Influence on Ethical Behavior

An Analysis of the Perceptions of Public Managers
ByRodney Erakovich, Sherman Wyman

chapter 6|15 pages

Public Management in a Culture of Waiver

ByHarold Moeller

chapter 7|13 pages

Ethics Management and Ethical Management

ByAlan Lawton, Michael Macaulay

part 3|135 pages

International and Comparative Perspectives

chapter 8|21 pages

Politics and Numbers

The Iron Cage of Governance Indices
ByTero Erkkilä, Ossi Piironen

chapter 9|9 pages

Fighting Corruption Globally and Locally

ByKalin Ivanov

chapter 10|27 pages

Global Versus Local Perspectives of Anticorruption Reforms in Italy

ByMaria Laura Seguiti

chapter 11|15 pages

Ethical Management and Leadership

Is an Ethical Perspective a Necessary Component of Good Management and Organizational Leadership?
ByAlessandra Storlazzi

chapter 12|15 pages

Measuring Integrity

A Dutch-American Comparative Project
ByEmile Kolthoff, Raymond W. Cox, Terrance Johnson

chapter 13|24 pages

A Two-Pronged Methodological Approach for Measuring Public and Private Sector Organizational Core Values

The Importance of Content and Context
ByZeger van der Wal

chapter 14|20 pages

Developing the “Ethical Competence” of Public Officials

A Capacity-Building Approach
ByHoward Whitton