Advertising and Violence identifies and analyzes the important issues related to violence in advertising and its overall effects on society. The book is based on a widely cited special issue of the Journal of Advertising and includes eight new chapters that expand the book's coverage.

The objective of the book is to compile a compendium of current thinking, perspectives, theoretical viewpoints, and research relevant to the violence and advertising interface. The chapter authors, all notable experts in the field, take a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates perspectives from disciplines other than marketing in order to provide a broad-based view of how advertising and violence coalesce and the policy implications of this juxtaposition.

part |31 pages

Humor and Violence in Advertising

part |38 pages

Sex and Violence in Advertising

part |36 pages

Effects of Violence in Advertising

part |46 pages

Special Concerns for Children

chapter |10 pages

Violence Is in the Ads, Too

Should Television Advertisements Be Rated?

chapter |16 pages

Caution, Animated Violence

Assessing the Efficacy of Violent Video Game Ratings

part |55 pages

Regulatory Issues