Immersive Sound: The Art and Science of Binaural and Multi-Channel Audio provides a comprehensive guide to multi-channel sound. With contributions from leading recording engineers, researchers, and industry experts, Immersive Sound includes an in-depth description of the physics and psychoacoustics of spatial audio as well as practical applications. Chapters include the history of 3D sound, binaural reproduction over headphones and loudspeakers, stereo, surround sound, height channels, object-based audio, soundfield (ambisonics), wavefield synthesis, and multi-channel mixing techniques. Knowledge of the development, theory, and practice of spatial and multi-channel sound is essential to those advancing the research and applications in the rapidly evolving fields of 3D sound recording, augmented and virtual reality, gaming, film sound, music production, and post-production.


chapter |4 pages


ByAgnieszka Roginska, Paul Geluso

chapter 1|35 pages

Perception of Spatial Sound

ByElizabeth M. Wenzel, Durand R. Begault, Martine Godfroy-Cooper

chapter 2|23 pages

History of 3D Sound

ByBraxton Boren

chapter 3|25 pages


ByPaul Geluso

chapter 4|36 pages

Binaural Audio Through Headphones

ByAgnieszka Roginska

chapter 5|56 pages

Binaural Audio Through Loudspeakers

ByEdgar Choueiri

chapter 6|41 pages

Surround Sound 1

ByFrancis Rumsey

chapter 7|23 pages

Height Channels

BySungyoung Kim

chapter 8|32 pages

Object-Based Audio

ByNicolas Tsingos

chapter 9|35 pages

Sound Field

ByRozenn Nicol

chapter 10|22 pages

Wave Field Synthesis

ByThomas Sporer, Karlheinz Brandenburg, Sandra Brix, Christoph Sladeczek

chapter 11|23 pages

Applications of Extended Multichannel Techniques

ByBrett Leonard