Mary Midgley is one of the most important moral philosophers working today. Over the last thirty years, her writings have informed debates concerning animals, the environment and evolutionary theory. The invited essays in this volume offer critical reflections upon Midgley’s work and further developments of her ideas. The contributors include many of the leading commentators on her work, including distinguished figures from the disciplines of philosophy, biology, and ethology. The range of topics includes the moral status of animals, the concept of wickedness, science and mythology, Midgley’s relationship to modern moral philosophy, and her relationship with Iris Murdoch. It also includes the first full bibliography of Midgley’s writings. The volume is the first major study of its kind and brings together contributions from the many disciplines which Midgley’s work has influenced. It provides a clear account of the themes and significance of her work and its implications for ongoing debates about our understanding of our place within the world.

chapter |16 pages


ByIan James Kidd, Liz McKinnell

part |49 pages

Animals and Environments

chapter |12 pages

Animals, Attitudes and Moral Theories

ByDavid E. Cooper

chapter |10 pages

Animals Real and Virtual

ByStephen R.L. Clark

chapter |11 pages

The Mixed Community

ByGregory S. McElwain

chapter |15 pages

How Pigs Talk

The Need for ‘Earthy Realism'
ByFrançoise Wemelsfelder

part |33 pages

Human Nature

chapter |16 pages

Beast and Man

Thirty-Five Years On
ByRaymond Tallis

chapter |16 pages

Is There Such a Thing as Consensus Morality?

ByMary Warnock

part |47 pages

Minds, Human and Animal

chapter |16 pages

Extended Minds and the Nature of Seeing

ByRupert Sheldrake

chapter |20 pages

Minding Animals

ByIan Ground

part |45 pages

Science and Evolution

chapter |17 pages

Doing Science an Injustice

Midgley on Scientism
ByIan James Kidd

chapter |12 pages

Genes and Geniality

Dawkins, Midgley, and The Selfish Gene
ByAndrew Brown

part |29 pages

Women and the World

chapter |10 pages

On Being a ‘Full-Time Feminist'

Mary Midgley and Feminist Philosophy
ByLiz McKinnell

chapter |18 pages

‘Slipping Out Over the Wall'

Midgley, Anscombe, Foot and Murdoch
ByBenjamin J. B. Lipscomb

chapter |8 pages


Which Way Next?
ByIan James Kidd, Liz McKinnell