The story of global sport is the story of expansion from local development to globalized industry, from recreational to marketized activity. Alongside that, each sport has its own distinctive history, sub-cultures, practices and structures.

This ambitious new volume offers state-of-the-art overviews of the development of every major sport or classification of sport, examining their history, socio-cultural significance, political economy and international reach, and suggesting directions for future research. Expert authors from around the world provide varied perspectives on the globalization of sport, highlighting diverse and often underrepresented voices. By putting sport itself in the foreground, this book represents the perfect companion to any social scientific course in sport studies, and the perfect jumping-off point for further study or research.

The Routledge Handbook of Global Sport is an essential reference for students and scholars of sport history, sport and society, the sociology of sport, sport development, sport and globalization, sports geography, international sports organizations, sports cultures, the governance of sport, sport studies, sport coaching or sport management.

chapter |3 pages


Developing our understanding of specific sports around the world
BySarah Zipp, John Nauright

part I|110 pages

Invasion team sports

chapter 1|11 pages

American football

ByZachary Beldon, Karen Weiller-Abels, John Nauright

chapter 2|11 pages

Association football

ByCharles Parrish, Hongxin Li, John Nauright

chapter 3|7 pages

Australian football

ByJohn Nauright

chapter 4|11 pages


ByZachary Beldon

chapter 5|13 pages

Field Hockey

ByCarol Osborne

chapter 6|6 pages

Ice hockey

ByJohn Nauright, Sergey Altukhov

chapter 7|9 pages


ByRyan Turcott

chapter 8|7 pages


ByJohn Nauright

chapter 9|11 pages

Rugby league

ByCharles Little, Hunter Fujak

chapter 10|10 pages

Rugby union

BySteve Greenfield

chapter 11|12 pages


ByDarlene A. Kluka, Steve Hendricks

part II|50 pages

Combat sports

chapter 12|10 pages


ByGerald Gems

chapter 13|13 pages

Mixed martial arts

ByHongxin Li, Samuel Nabors

chapter 14|15 pages


ByDexter Zavalza Hough-Snee

chapter 15|10 pages

Martial arts

ByLeonardo José Mataruna-Dos-Santos, Mauro Cesar Gurgel Alencar de Carvalho, Mike Callan, John Nauright

part III|93 pages

Racquet, bat and club sports

chapter 16|11 pages


ByJørgen Bagger Kjær

chapter 17|19 pages

Baseball and softball

ByChristina Villalon

chapter 18|9 pages


BySarthak Mondal, Anand Rampersad

chapter 19|9 pages


ByLuke J. Harris

chapter 20|12 pages


ByGeoff Dickson, Tim Breitbarth

chapter 21|11 pages

Snooker and billiards

ByLuke J. Harris

chapter 22|9 pages

Table tennis

ByTsz Lun (Alan) Chu

chapter 23|11 pages


ByChad Morgan, Samuel Nabors

part IV|96 pages

Racing sports

chapter 24|12 pages

Athletics/track and field

ByKatja Sonkeng, Marques R. Dexter, Robert Matz, Jepkorir Rose Chepyator-Thomson, Kipchumba Chelimo Byron

chapter 25|16 pages


ByKieren McEwan, Joseph Muller

chapter 26|13 pages


BySusanna Hedenborg, Gertrud Pfister

chapter 27|10 pages

Motor sports

ByBrandon Mastromartino

chapter 28|8 pages


ByDavid Black

chapter 29|10 pages


ByZachary Beldon, Hongxin Li, Sandy Nguyen

chapter 30|13 pages

Sliding sports

BySusan Barton

chapter 31|12 pages

Swimming and diving

ByMelly Karst, Sarah Zipp

part V|47 pages

Judged sports

chapter 32|15 pages

Figure skating

ByEllyn Kestnbaum, Cheryl Litman

chapter 33|20 pages


ByAnne L. DeMartini

chapter 34|10 pages


ByGherardo Bonini

part VI|75 pages

Leisure and lifestyle sports

chapter 35|11 pages


ByJacob Hindin, Matthew Hawzen, Hanhan Xue, Haozhou Pu, Joshua Newman

chapter 36|13 pages

Fishing and Angling

ByMike Huggins

chapter 37|17 pages

Climbing and mountaineering

ByChristopher Atwater

chapter 38|18 pages

Snowboarding and skateboarding

ByMikhail Batuev, Sarah Zipp, Leigh Robinson

chapter 39|14 pages


ByDexter Zavalza Hough-Snee

part VII|22 pages

Heritage sports

chapter 40|9 pages

Gaelic games

ByJoe Bradley

chapter 41|11 pages

Highland games

ByJames Bowness, Aaron Zipp